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One time a long long time ago, at a summercamp I learned to make a basket out of popsicle sticks.
While it may look time consuming it only takes about 45 min for a first timer and less than 30 minutes if you made a few. Once completely dry it is surprisingly strong.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
For this simple project you will need,

~White Glue (Elmers)
If you really need to feel special you can use hot glue, but I find that that doesnt look as nice when completed


~Craft Sticks (craft section at Wal-Mart)
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Very nice re-use of materials. Also, looks fantastic. I'll try it out at some point, thanks.

Box the Fox made it!2 months ago

great,it's a good for lots of things

SP Riley made it!1 year ago

It makes a great catch-all for near our front door. It's big enough for keys, cell phone, wallet, and other things in my pockets. Thank You.

Catch All.jpg
trooperrick (author)  SP Riley9 months ago

Hey, looks great! Nice to see people still making something I posted over 5 years ago.

NabilaR SP Riley10 months ago

how to atched poop sticks
pleasetell me at my adress

SP Riley NabilaR10 months ago

First off just so when you go to the store you are not looked at funny it is "popsicle" sticks not "poop" sticks. Second off you don't need to attach them as long as you have glue. Mine was just simple wood glue. It took two days for me and I think I put a book on the sticks to compress things overnight, and then started on the bottom the next day. As long as you let the glue dry completely you don't need to attach anything.

ieric jones10 months ago
it was fun my wife loved it

how to atched the poop sticks
please tell me at my adress


CrayfishYAY made it!1 year ago

Did it a long time ago. Still have it.


how to atched poop sicks
please tell me at my adress

mpadavala1 year ago
thanks for this instructable. I have made one and it came out perfect.
ajayvishnu2 years ago
no_light3 years ago
here's mine! it looks like yers :D
vkstatist3 years ago
This is very interesting! Good idea :)
smohan64 years ago
this is very nice
i tried once , i got it perfectly
Although I used hot glue. But is so much better than that "takes hours to dry" glue. mine dried fast & was ready to use when I got done! & there's no chance of it falling apart. IT IS AWESOME!!!!!! :D
It is very nice and the instructions given are very simple and easy to follow.I like this .
halla4 years ago
good idea to recycle Popsicle Stick
there is a plastic type form Popsicle stick , i think it will be durable
thanks for sharing
I'm thinking it will become a planting pot if I make one.  What kind of glue should I use?
trooperrick (author)  chicks_with_sticks5 years ago
 I used elmer's glue-all white glue, but if its outside you might want a more waterproof glue, I'm not sure what kind would be sufficiant though.
How about wood glue?
trooperrick (author)  jeffconnelly5 years ago
If it is the waterproof kind, than it will most definitely work. Also if it is going outside, you should probably seal it by dipping it or coating it somehow.
SterLuMan5 years ago
so... how muxh sticks did you use?
sopita6 years ago
it's so wonderful to have a site like that; where person like me can learn something; this is my first time and I will try this popsicle basket thanks so much
That's super cool. When I first saw it, I thought it looked like mini bleachers. Paint the bottom green and put some little people in there and you have your own tiny baseball stadium! :)
Up_in_Snow7 years ago
I've made lots of things with popcicle sticks, but I've definatly haven'y ever got so detailed. Way to go. Your basket is really neat.
trooperrick (author)  Up_in_Snow7 years ago
Thanks, I've also made a lot of things out of them, when i need to make something i don't have, popsicle sticks are first in line.
LegoFudge7 years ago
This looks so cool. I'm going to try this as soon as I can get a big bag o' sticks.
That's freaking amazing.

I don't have enough popsicle sticks, but if I ever get this much, definitely will want to try this out.
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No, but he does comment on every featured or popular instructable.
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So yeah...about them popsicle sticks...
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