How to make a mini bow and arrow out of some popsicles sticks and pencil crayons. Note:very powerful.
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Step 2: Bending the sticks

First boil some water in the pot. Second boil the posicle sticks for roughly 5-10minutes or less, they just need to be rubbery. Next take the rubber like popsicle sticks and bend them between something, and leave it there untill it's dry ( blow dryer helps)a few of the sticks might break.

Step 4: Finishing bow

Take the elasitc and wrap the loops around each end multiple times to make sure that the elastic doesn't fall off.

Step 5: Amo

Take the pencil crayon(s) and the hack saw and make notches on the pencil crayons. You may want a few hundred pencil crayons because the amo gets lost. Now testing! I think everyone knows how to fire a bow and arrow. Note: I am not responsable for anything that happens using these bows, use them at your own risk! If you managed to make more than one bow, hide around your house with a friend and spend a day firing pencil crayons at each other, its quite fun, and dangerous.