Step 5: Get bigger...

I glued the smaller pieces together, to create the main supports for the bridge. I then repeated the process and made some slightly shorter pieces for the top.
<p>How about using a glue gun for steps 3-5? It dries faster!</p>
But it won't stick as wet as wood glue.
Yah I know
<p>i did it</p>
<p>how much weight can it hold?</p>
<p>do you think it'll work with 100?</p>
Nope maybe 200
I'm going to make it!
<p>free shavocado!</p>
<p>Thats pretty mean &gt;:*(</p>
<p>Mine held 492 lbs! Anyone held that much?</p>
<p>i have held 900lbs</p>
<p>MMMM Omg stop ur lyinnn</p>
<p>try it again</p>
It held 5lbs.
<p>I have made this, it kinda worked.... But it is not that strong</p>
How do you test it? What are the equipments? What is that block on the top of the bridge?
<p>Which bridge design do you think is the best to hold to most weight? Or is it rather the complexity of the bridge that holds a lot of weight?</p>
<p>try a combination of different types of bridges.</p>
<p>Still some free shovacado!</p>
<p>And all credit to this is maker if i win Thanks for the idea!</p>
<p>Is anyone else doing this?</p>
<p>I am gonna make this in toothpicks i hope it woks</p>
What makes the bridge contain a ton of weight?
<p>I just did our school's annual Busta Bridge Competition - I am the reigning champ, and have been for 2 yrs. since i started doing this</p>
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<p>I need to make a bridge of physics!!! Now i have an idea of what i can do.</p>
<p>how long did your bridge become? </p>
<p>Thanks for this project. Its working out great so far!</p>
<p>Is it ok to use ordinary glue? and What are those gray things on the side of the bridge to hold it up?</p>
<p>how much did your bridge weight</p>

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