Step 9: Break it! (Or try)

This is the last step, obviously.

We decided we'd test the bridge with sand in a bucket. We bought two 60 lb bags of sand, thinking surely my bridge would break under 120 lbs.
It held 120 lbs.
We emptied the sand out, and added 40 lbs of water, then added all the sand back. It still held.

We tried the intern, and it still held.

Two days later we bought another 150 lbs of sand. The bridge finally broke under 205 lbs!

How much does yours weigh?
<p>Which bridge design do you think is the best to hold to most weight? Or is it rather the complexity of the bridge that holds a lot of weight?</p>
<p>Mine held 492 lbs! Anyone held that much?</p>
<p>i have held 900lbs</p>
<p>Bro 900? Where did you get all the weight? Your mom? ???</p>
<p>wtf!!! WOW!! are u lying and did u use popsicle sticks and glue or stone and cement !WOW</p>
<p>Still some free shovacado!</p>
<p>How about using a glue gun for steps 3-5? It dries faster!</p>
But it won't stick as wet as wood glue.
<p>free shavocado!</p>
<p>And all credit to this is maker if i win Thanks for the idea!</p>
<p>Is anyone else doing this?</p>
<p>I am gonna make this in toothpicks i hope it woks</p>
What makes the bridge contain a ton of weight?
<p>I just did our school's annual Busta Bridge Competition - I am the reigning champ, and have been for 2 yrs. since i started doing this</p>
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<p>I need to make a bridge of physics!!! Now i have an idea of what i can do.</p>
<p>how long did your bridge become? </p>
<p>Thanks for this project. Its working out great so far!</p>
<p>Is it ok to use ordinary glue? and What are those gray things on the side of the bridge to hold it up?</p>
<p>how much did your bridge weight</p>
<p>Is it okay to use ordinary glue?</p>
<p>AWESOME thats really cool! also congrats nicholas</p>
<p>wow this is nice but i would appreciate a video of how you did it or a more detailed one.</p><p>this isn't bad its awesome !!!!!</p>
<p>This project was so awesome when I entered it in the science fair that I won 1st place and won a $100 Visa Gift Card. Yay</p>
<p>Cool design! I'm doing this for class and this would probably work super well! Thanks for the tips and info.</p>
<p>Ty! I got a perfect score because of this! </p>
<p>Thank you for this good instructions.</p>

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