Step 5: Building the Arm (part 1)

Nows the time to build the arm of the catapault! You will be making the basket in this step.
Set aside the body and replace it with the 3/4 piece you saved. You will be using this segmented stick soon.
Cut 3 more sticks in halfs (you now have 6 pieces plus your 3/4 part)
Glue all 6 pieces together side by side like in the picture.
Now glue your 3/4 sick to the center of the 6 sticks you just glued together.

simple ...Thanks for giving a mind blowing idea
<p>Thank you! Glad to see your contraption too!</p>
<p>i dislike this</p>
<p>this is awful</p>
<p>TA DAM !!!!</p>
<p>How many popsical sticks do you end up using total?</p>
<p>I have to say that this tutorial was very easy to follow and fun to make. I adapted it to use as a project for a middle school class that I was student teaching. The kids loved it! Keep up the good work. </p>
i just fixed mine and it works like a dream. you may need to lengthen the axle though... try using a pencil instead of a popsicle stick.
how many sticks needed?<br>
I am going to have to say around 20-30 sticks. Im not certain because this is my design and, I built it with as few popsicle sticks as I could to save for other projects. Hope you have enough!! :)
how far does it throw?
Build it and see! Mine on average shoots the pong balls about 20 feet.<br>Thanks!
hey can I use some of these pictures? I'm using this catapult for my science fair project, and it would be nice to have some of these pictures for my research paper
Sure! Glad to help.
This is cool! it's a simple design, but it works great!<br>
Thanks! Glad ya like it.
wow, beautifully done step by step photos. No words needed!
Thankyou! :D

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