Picture of Popsicle Stick Catapult
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Step 1: Throwing Arm

Picture of Throwing Arm
To make this I used extended joints to make it longer, and I cut 3 sticks in half to make the head wider for when I add the basket

Step 2: Another View Of Arm

Picture of Another View Of Arm

Step 3: Triangle Side Supports

Picture of Triangle Side Supports
Again I used joints to extend the piece. But when it comes to the angle you make it you can just eyeball it.

Step 4: Finished Base

Picture of Finished Base
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13, 8:04 AM.jpg
13, 8:04 AM.jpg
When making the base you will glue a popsicle stick in the front and then add more and more until it is sturdy. Next do the same for the back. Finally add some side supports to make it structurally sound.

Step 5: Catapult W/ Out Rubber band

Picture of Catapult W/ Out Rubber band
I actually don't have any rubber bands in my house right now so I can't show you it fully functional. But any way to connect the arm to the base what I did was I drilled a hole through each side support and through the arm then I simple put a long skinny nail through it and wa la your finished!!!!!
sshhood24 (author) 1 year ago
Mine shot around 20 ft. But I used multiple rubber bands

Only 20 ft?

Ivan_2911 year ago
how far can it shoot?