This is easy to build and only uses 5 popsicle sticks. It explodes when it hits the ground. A popsicle stick my break but it usually doesn't happen.

Step 1: This Is the Easy Part

Just look at the picture.

Step 2: This Is When It Gets Hard

make sure to constantly be holding the grenade or else it will fall apart.

Step 3: This Is the Hardest Part

just make sure to hold it tight constantly.

Step 4: Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

now that you are done, try it out.
<p>We made these when I was a kid in the 60s. Lots of fun having &quot;fights&quot; because you have to aim at the floor near your opponent, and they never hurt. I always thought 5 must be the minimum number required, but I mentioned that in a lecture to a class and one kid took it as a challenge and found a way to make the same sort of thing with only 4 sticks! It takes more of a criss-cross design. I can't remember if it pops as well. Hmmm, wonder about making one with a LOT of sticks, to make a bigger &quot;explosion&quot;... </p>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.framebomb.com">framebomb.com</a> has the best resources on these bombs. And they get bigger and badder.<br/>
Cool I know how to make a popsiclestick grenade that's like a lamination. should I post it?
&nbsp;This is so easy to make I can&nbsp;virtually make 15 in one minute!!! Well, you have to get used to it first...<br /> <br /> btw, on the last pic, you forgot something on that &quot;FUN&quot; part, in the &quot;N&quot;, there's something missing...<br /> <br /> but it's still annoying because it's cool! (Don't mind this)&nbsp;
man i took me for ever to make one of these but it has small blast radius and is kind of weak but still i give you a thumbs up!
its ok u need to make it have aa bigger blast range but it works so i give u credit =]<br/>
the popsicle stick bomb lamination I posted has a bigger blast.
just thinking of the time i thowe one of they at my teacher rofl
Don't want to be rude...But what good is a popscicle bomb??? Try making a nerf bomb or something
I don't know, just for fun. It's easy to make and the material is really cheap. Oh yea, and I don't have nerf stuff.

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