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This is easy to build and only uses 5 popsicle sticks. It explodes when it hits the ground. A popsicle stick my break but it usually doesn't happen.

Step 1: This is the easy part

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Just look at the picture.
joe_conflo7 years ago
framebomb.com has the best resources on these bombs. And they get bigger and badder.
Van Halen (author)  joe_conflo7 years ago
Cool I know how to make a popsiclestick grenade that's like a lamination. should I post it?
lamination bomb.jpg
 This is so easy to make I can virtually make 15 in one minute!!! Well, you have to get used to it first...

btw, on the last pic, you forgot something on that "FUN" part, in the "N", there's something missing...

but it's still annoying because it's cool! (Don't mind this) 
mayo2916 years ago
man i took me for ever to make one of these but it has small blast radius and is kind of weak but still i give you a thumbs up!
duckeydude97 years ago
its ok u need to make it have aa bigger blast range but it works so i give u credit =]
Van Halen (author)  duckeydude97 years ago
the popsicle stick bomb lamination I posted has a bigger blast.
scamp7 years ago
just thinking of the time i thowe one of they at my teacher rofl
Colonel887 years ago
Don't want to be rude...But what good is a popscicle bomb??? Try making a nerf bomb or something
Van Halen (author)  Colonel887 years ago
I don't know, just for fun. It's easy to make and the material is really cheap. Oh yea, and I don't have nerf stuff.