Popsicle Stick House Arson




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Introduction: Popsicle Stick House Arson

Now this is fun:

A couple hundred Popsicle sticks + a few sticks of hot glue + homework + fireworks + a match =


Now, I may be getting an actual Instructable out soon with tips on how to make your own Popsicle stick house; but for now, here's some pictures of the cremation process.

First, my brother decided to shoot his with his BB gun. Then, he put a few firecrackers and M2's in it and sent them off...

After all that, we stuffed them with old homework and firecrackers, dropped a match, and got about 15 feet away.

Look for videos, soon to be uploaded!



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    You got a lot of time on your hands.

    Photos taken with the new iPotato.

    look at the 11th pic there's a fire beast=)
    did you nurture it and keep it as a pet?

    1 reply

    Oh my god, that's scary!

    you should of put some methanol in there with some borax to get a nice warm green glow.

    cool just what i want 

    Where do I buy popsicle sticks? I think I would prefer a car, then light it on fire and roll into the house :D would be so fun...

    This is awesome. I'm in the process of making one and then I'll paint it with that burning paint, put smoke bomb mix in it, gunpowder, and maybe some Lego people in it for effect.

    4 replies

    Still woking on it, but its gonna be awesome. A friend of mine actually said that I should enclose the chimney and put gunpowder in it. Big boom. And I will post pictures.

    Yeah, it'll be sweet.

    where is the jet engine fuel ,the C4 ,AND nitroglycerin man ?!!?

    1 reply

    I forgot them! :O

    How can I call myself a true pyromaniac??

    *sobs in corner*

    This is funny, i actually used to do this all the time. I was a major pyro when i was younger.

    i woulda thrown a home-made incendiary explosive in there, hehehe

    2 replies

    Molotov cocktail! w00t!

    I agree-except it would have to be miniature otherwise it would just be overkill.