Popsicle Stick Icosahedron


Step 12: You're done!

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you should have an Icosahedron.

Feel free to remix the idea, by adding your own decoration. Maybe paint it, varnish it, cover it with paper, put a LED in it, etc.

I like the look of the little candle inside it, but fire and wood don't go well together. Neither do heat and hot glue. But it still looks cool!

iPhone/iPod owners:

 - Download "Magic Lights" on your iPod/iPhone, turn up the brightness, and use the disco option!
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or_ford981 year ago
WOW! Nice idea. Also good photography, pretty rare on instructables :P
geeezer2 years ago
cool. gotta love platonic solids... (platonically of course)

Would it work to make 4 of the pentagonal "lids" and stick em together?
colorex (author)  geeezer2 years ago
Nope. You can make three lids, but the fourth wont fit anywhere. Nice play on words, there!

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