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Popsicle sticks!

They are cheap and sometimes even free - if you don't count the fact you have to pay for the popsicle.

So start eating more of those frozen snacks or alternatively, buy some popsickle sticks as we are going to make a ring.

Step 1: Make a Cut in the Pipe

Picture of Make a Cut in the Pipe

Get a pipe and make a cut.

Cut should be big enough to slide in a popsicle stick.

Step 2: Steam or Boil Your Popsicle Sticks

Picture of Steam or Boil Your Popsicle Sticks

Drop a few popsicle sticks in the steamer and steam them until they become flexible.

You should be able to bend them without breaking.

You will want to steam more sticks than you need as some of them might break.

If you don't have a steamer insert or a steamer, you can boil them.

Step 3: Wrap the Stick Around the Pipe

Picture of Wrap the Stick Around the Pipe

While the stick is still warm, insert it in the cut and wrap it around the pipe.

When the popsicle stick overlaps, clamp it to the pipe and leave it to dry.

It will take a few hours for it to dry.

I would not dry it for too long as we don't want the stick to become too stiff - yet.

When clamp is removed, popsicle stick should not unwrap by itself.

Step 4: Remove the Stick From the Pipe

Picture of Remove the Stick From the Pipe

After a few hours, remove the clamp.

Unwrap the stick halfway to remove it from the pipe.

Step 5: Trim the Stick

Picture of Trim the Stick

Cut off both ends

Step 6: Close the Ring

Picture of Close the Ring

Apply a strong glue and use 2 clamps to close it.

You can also use just 1 clamp, but 2 will let you shape the ring more round.

Step 7: Remove the Clamps

Picture of Remove the Clamps

Remove the clamps

Step 8: Decorate Your Ring

Picture of Decorate Your Ring

If you have a wood-burning tool, it's a great way to decorate your ring.

Step 9: Varnish the Ring

Picture of Varnish the Ring

I dropped my ring in the varnish and used a paper towel to clean it.

That gave me a thin layer of varnish.

I did another ring with a thicker layer of varnish.

Thank you for checking out this Instructable!


metqa (author)2016-09-07

Wow! I love it! I'd like to wear jewelry sometimes, but I'm poor and dislike uncomfortable things. I like wooden and shell and other natural type jewelry cause they are not so flashy. Now I can make my own rings without needing lots of tools. Thanks! I am officially following you for all your great ideas and great recycling projects. You are truly and En-Ible-er!

DM5k (author)2015-08-14

how long do you have to boil the sticks? i left them on for about an hour and they all broke during the bending,

tritian (author)DM5k2015-11-29

hes not boiling them directly in water, hes using a steamer insert in a big pot like you would if you wanted to steam vegetables. It should only take about 5-15 mins for the wood to be supple enough not to break.

Mihsin (author)2015-10-29

Very good 'ble STF, however, to privent varnish from goouing up, I'd spray the ring with some laquer.

ericd34 (author)2015-10-01

Very nice.I thought video was well made.

jojoqwas12 (author)2015-07-11


Cheers jojoqwas12

jpcurlygirl (author)2015-07-10

What a brilliant idea! Love it.

I am glad you do. Thanks

lmckim stearns (author)2015-07-10

awesome! Thanks for shar

Thank You!

dollarseed (author)2015-07-01

First, let us address that wood glue issue. Straight white Elmer's Glue All is great for paper, but not so good for wood, the fibers are different. Another alternative, that I haven't fallen in love with is Gorilla Glue, that stuff takes forever to dry, but does really well. So that brings us to true wood glue. Titebond III is the best of the best, as it is all weather. Next, lets tackle that seam address. Yes, there are many more ways to make it stronger, but even a 45 Degree sanding angle will improve the hold. Now we can go on to the more important issues. If you have a jeweler's rod, you can cut the ring to any size. Best to use a metal one using an exacto knife, since the glue will stick to a wood one, those are best left alone. Boiling a popsickle stick for 5 minutes should be more than enough to let you bend it without breaking it. Someone actually whacked off a finger to remove a stupid ring :) Sounds crazy to me, but not all people think like we Great instructable, and I love the thought put into it, and the detail. Your new resource for Research and Development

Thanks for some good info!

allen.benge (author)2015-06-30

Fascinating ring project. A friend of mine once made a ring out of a large stainless steel hex nut that was a project for the government by Ford Motor Company. With lots of elbow grease and abrasives, he worked out the center to fit his finger and smoothed and rounded all the edges, It was gorgeous.

Thank You!

I am sure that ring looked awesome. You don't have any picture of it?

I wish I did, I have wanted to try one myself, but can't get the SS nut. Keep up the good work.

JonC3 (author)2015-06-30

I think this is pretty awesome and I don't even wear jewelry!

ShakeTheFuture (author)JonC32015-07-01

Thank You!

Lewis2 (author)2015-06-30

Rings useful idea on continued thought. Listen to music delightful, fun, Thanks for both!

ShakeTheFuture (author)Lewis22015-07-01

Thanks You!

GenerallyOdd (author)2015-06-30

Oooh! You could cut a little dovetail joint into the ends, that might take some stress off the glue and it would be WAY cool! There's a website, I forget what it's called, but they tested a bunch of different glues on wood butt joints and, if I remember correctly, simple wood glue came out on top.

AWESOME instructable!


That's a handy website.

That looks like what I remember...

Treasure Tabby (author)2015-06-24

Brilient. Sure does beat that ring made out of a shell I had once. The thing got stuck on my finger becasue my finger for what ever reason got swollen. THen I had to wack it off cause it was the only way to get the thing off. :(

Mike F (author)Treasure Tabby2015-06-29

You wacked your finger off. Big price to pay for getting a ring off. It's wood. Just burn it off instead of whacking off your finger.

what ? you didn't whack your finger off? Oh. . . never mind.

sandra225 (author)Mike F2015-06-30


You should have tried this :)

katou (author)2015-06-30

Cool idea!
--Which glue did you use?
--How could you get different ring sizes?
--Is the glue alone strong enough? Any glue failures?

Idea -- one hose clamp will work, instead of 4 parallel clamps

ShakeTheFuture (author)katou2015-06-30

I ended up using epoxy glue.

I guess you can use different diameter pipe for a bigger/smaller ring.

I had a glue failure with the white glue, but epoxy seems to work fine (for now)


rickharris (author)2015-06-30

Good idea. try nail varnish to coat them, dries quick and has it's own brush.

I tried a transparent nail polish, but most of it got absorbed by the wood. Maybe It needed more layers.

joseph.campo.35 (author)2015-06-30

Very nice. Like this a lot.

Thank You Joseph!

mividaloca (author)2015-06-30

Any recommendations on what kind of glue to use? Thanks!

Well, I am not a woodworker, so I can only guess.

I tried white glue, but the ring opened.

I tried epoxy and for now ring seems to stay closed.

Time will show if that was a good choice.

kasssa (author)2015-06-30

Very cool!

What was the music in the background of the video? It sounds somewhat familiar, but I can't place it...


ShakeTheFuture (author)kasssa2015-06-30


Here is the music:

3967 (author)2015-06-30

great idea, but i suggest to use a better joining method for the glue.

The holding power of wood glue is higher as the surface increases. The mothod you used, has in fact only a very small surface. To improve it, i would overlap the wood and then sanding it down to an even surface. Or you use a file to make on each side a 50% thiner tongue of the woodstick, so you could glue them together. This joining method its called half lap splice

ShakeTheFuture (author)39672015-06-30

Thanks for the tip.

CrouchingFather (author)2015-06-30

Popsicle sticks stain really easy with plain food coloring, could make some cool colored rings.

NPNana (author)2015-06-30

I have a very large bag full of popsicle sticks that I've been saving for who knows what. Anybody want to make hundreds of rings? I don't have time anymore. You pay postage and they're yours.

Plus I have a large bag of wine corks that I was going to make "something" out of. We're downsizing and I need to get rid of them. Same deal. Pay postage and you can have them.

tbaldock (author)2015-06-29

How long you have to put them in there for if boiling them

ShakeTheFuture (author)tbaldock2015-06-29

That depends. I steamed mine for around 15 min.

Mike F (author)2015-06-29

Clever. Never thought of using wood popcicle sticks for anything useful.

TiffanyB7 (author)2015-06-27

looks really awesome!

ShakeTheFuture (author)TiffanyB72015-06-29

I am glad you like it. Cheers

whopoder (author)2015-06-26


Reutilization and creativity = beautiful accessory


lizortiz7 (author)2015-06-25

This looks like a fun idea!

ShakeTheFuture (author)lizortiz72015-06-25

Thank You!

ottawafm (author)2015-06-25

Fantastic idea! I wonder if corndog sticks will work too?

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