Step 10: Finished Rocking Chair

Congrats! You made your own popsicle-stick rocking chair to scale! You can customise it to your liking or make a man/woman out of playdough or clay to sit in the chair! Rock it away! I finished my chair off as a gift and added spray paint to it! GET CREATIVE!

Thankyou for making a popsicle-stick rocking chair! Share a picture of your's with me in the comments.
<p>That is really neat</p>
<p>Zjschafer, can you make these in bulk OR do you know of any craft shop that can - $$$$. I am trying to arrange them for a wedding souvenir. Please let me know</p>
Thank you. My six-year-old daughter Riley and I built your chair this afternoon. She says, &quot;I love your chair!&quot; I appreciate your step-by-step instructions and clear photos. Cool craft.
Thanks! youre welcome.
Awesome! completely useless, but awesome!
i know its useless haha but thankyou!
that's an interesting technique to bend the Popsicle sticks.

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Bio: I will share whatever I made! I will not be on here that often anymore, but I will check in when I can.
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