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Introduction: Popsicle Stick Swiss Army Knife Prop

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Swiss Army Knife made out of popsicle sticks!

This is a Swiss Army Knife prop that YOU can make using only a couple of popsicle sticks (tounge depressor type).

NOTE: I do not know how to make the blades stop when fully extended. You can turn them until they hit the other side of the stopper. I did not have a Swiss Army Knife available while making this Instructable.

Please post a solution if you can.


You will need:

 - 6 popsicle sticks (wide type)

 - Superglue

 - Drill

 - Jigsaw (optional)

 - 1/2cm drill bit

 - Sandpaper 150 grit and 280 grit

 - Pen or marker

This is not a Step-by-step Instructable, so I'm hoping you understand the process from the image notes.

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    OK, after I drew that up, I had to try it. So since I had some popsicle sticks lying around, I grabbed one and this is what I got.
    1. Just like the picture, there is a notch on the same side as side C. Sides A and C are roughly the same length, and B actually came out pretty even too.
    2. I found that it was easier to leave side A rather long, then drill the hole out, and then shorten it to match C.
    3. The dotted line is just where I tapered the blade, and I colored in the notch for the thumb to pull out the blade. The other notch...I'm not really sure why that's there, maybe aesthetics? I was going off of my little Swiss Army blade.
    Again, this is just a rough work up of what I drew last night. I just wanted to make sure that it was possible. Good luck on version 2!
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    Great! I'll send you a patch for doing my knife!

    can you please look at my tutorial

    Awesome! Thanks for the patch!

    So, from what I gather from looking at my knife and opening and closing it, this is how you make the blades stop when opening them.

    I apologize for the crudeness and poor handwriting...

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    Hahaha Yes! This is coming up in version two. Thanks for your help!

    Not a problem. I wasn't sure if you'd had a reply yet, and I knew from watching shows like "How It's Made", the mechanics of it. But I had to see it in action by opening and closing my knife before I felt like I could even try to articulate it. I hope it helps!

    Cool! I'm happy you like it!

    I have to try this soon.

    you know you can break an actual knife and drill a hole and replace the traditional wood right?

    but be careful when breaking the knife

    use the small ones on not the bud bread knife or something like that

    good job! going to make one!

    P.S. how the blades come out of the knife?

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    They swing over a wooden axle.

    This is pretty cool! You should put a little wood filler or bondo over it so it's smoother.

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    Comin' up in the new version!

    Comin' up in the new version!

    brilliant instructable, I love it and are probably going to make one.
    well done and I really hope you win a prize. with you all the way.