Introduction: Popsicle Stick Bomb (lamination)

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This is like the triangular popsicle stick bomb I submited before. This one is harder to make and uses 1 more popsicle stick (6).

Step 1: Easy Part 1.

Picture of Easy Part 1.

Just lay out 3 popsicle sticks.

Step 2: Easy Part 2.

Picture of Easy Part 2.

Follow the picture.

Step 3: Medium Part

Picture of Medium Part

Follow the picture, again.

Step 4: Hard and Final Part.

Picture of Hard and Final Part.

follow the picture, again, again.


You213 (author)2013-07-10

umm interresting

MI16007 (author)2011-09-19

Yay! Luckily at home I have a pack of 150 Popsicle stick package I got from the store Micheals :3

GASSYPOOTS (author)MI160072012-03-23

ikr me 2 :D

imshanedulong (author)2008-08-21

At the last step, put the unfinished end over the table and put the last stick in. That makes it easier.

Van Halen (author)imshanedulong2008-10-13

I know, I have always done that.

MisterHankie (author)Van Halen2010-02-05

 He might have been saying that for the other users too. :P

ScienceWiz (author)2009-09-16

Hahahaha These are so much fun!! I used to build them when I was younger, and wanted to relearn how to make them! Thankyou for postingz!!

chris.quinn (author)2009-01-04

its hard to make

xylophonics (author)chris.quinn2009-03-14

It keeps on exploding.

extreme443uzumaki (author)2008-10-01

still dont get how to shoot it [ please show me ]

lowe (author)extreme443uzumaki2009-03-06

Look at mine. It will show you how. Just pinch the corner and throw it like a frisby.

You just have to throw it. It's a grenade.

mo5 (author)2008-07-05

if you look at his first video he shows you how to do it.

mo5 (author)2008-07-05

i think you have to step on it.

humpiestcow (author)2008-04-24

must try at hooommmeee !!!!

Van Halen (author)humpiestcow2008-05-03


Seppuko (author)2008-04-09

so do you throw it at someone?

Van Halen (author)Seppuko2008-04-10

Yea. Or just throw it at a target or something.

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