Picture of Popsicle stick coasters
The popsicle stick coasters are so cheap and they look great!
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Step 1: Collect popsicle sticks!

Picture of Collect popsicle sticks!
Just eat a lot of popsicles to collect the sticks, but if you don't have enought, just purchase some at a crafts store. They are cheap and comes in different colors.

Step 2: Design the coasters

Picture of Design the coasters
Place the sticks like they are placed on the picture. 9 horizontal + 2 vertical.

Step 3: Glue them

Picture of Glue them
Add glue to the vertical sticks and then place them above the horizontal sticks.

Step 4: Final touch

Picture of Final touch
Now just add varnish and / or paint to create colorful coasters.

Let them dry and... enjoy!

I hope you liked my tutorial and sorry my bad english :D
doo da do3 years ago
What about varnish on The bottom so the sticks could absorb the water from the
Container that sweats.
Chumlee3 years ago
like it :)
scoochmaroo3 years ago
Very sweet. Great pictures!