Popsicle Sticks Slot & Eye Reed for Weaving (high Dpi)





Introduction: Popsicle Sticks Slot & Eye Reed for Weaving (high Dpi)

I see people getting contaminated with "make your own weaving loom" illness.
One important detail of the loom is reed... (two better than one!)
how to make it?
from "craft sticks" !  (also known as Popsicle sticks)

Step 1: Everyone Tryed That

here is the first and ugly idea..
drill holes,
and here it is kind of  "working prototype"

But there is Another Way

Step 2: Create Slot

there is another way to do it!
cut one stick into pieces to create "uniform spacers"

and glue them together to create slot

Step 3: Create Eye

use glue gun to create Eye
(need some practice )

Step 4: Stack Eyes Together

stack Eyes together
using the same "Uniform Spacers"

Step 5: Omg Look What We Have

We made it!
6 DPI reed!

Step 6: Ways to Improve It

We can use Credit cards to improve it..
Or just cards...
or milk carton..
I see it is possible to get 12 DPI  easy!



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    This is awesome! Thanks for posting!

    What about using more spacers to make the eye? You'd have one on top of the slot, one on bottom of the slot, and then two, fairly close together, in the middle to make the eye.

    Would work, but the smaller pieces of wood are more likely to have splintery snags, while the gluegun method is automatically smooth. I'd use a small bit of metal like a nail to simplify keeping the hole open, vs the "takes practice" method. :-)


    page 7

    grear reed construction

    it will be huge waste of sticks :-)

    I have the same idea,

    I'll try using almost entire popsicle in order to make the eye. With two large pieces instead four like you said, joining two at top and two at bottom. One big in top and one big botton.

    I'll cut in the middle with a saw, so an amount of popsicle is shreded or "erased", if I align upper and lower part with an entire popsicle, must leave an eye in the middle where I cut (same width of blade), maybe need to be sanded to make a little bigger and soft.

    Making slots will work with small parts of popsicle or even washers :).

    If I success I'll post it :)

    What an awesome use for credit cards! Now I'm pondering all the possibilities for using flatstock of various materials. Personally, I want at least 2 heddles for more complex and sturdy cloth, but your ideas are inspiring! Thanks!

    I have an idea...
    to steal some prepaid un-activated gift cards..
    like this


    they are long

    since they have zero value until activated it is not shoplifting.. right?

    This looks like fun, but I don't know anything about weaving! What is DPI? Is one way better than another to make this? How do you then go on to use it? It looks great!