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Hey everyone! All the pictures in the comments look awesome, and I've seen all kinds of people use this (Freddie Wong for example... sweet!) but unfortunately, Facebook's been changed and this doesn't work at all anymore. There are ways to do something similar and I'm working on an all new Instructable, but until then, this instructable will serve as a memorial of the older more simple Facebook...

I've got some fun ideas to try out when the new Facebook "Timeline" profile hits... Whenever that is. Look out for a new Instructable whenever Facebook releases that.

This how to make your Facebook Profile Picture look like it's transparent, or popping out of the page! You can even do what I did and make it look like it's behind the page, poking out!

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Here's what you need to make your pop-up picture!

-A Camera, or a picture that you want to use.

-Photoshop, or the GIMP, or even Paint will do.

-The attached picture. (right click and save as)
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oliver16343 years ago
Can u make the post for the timeline please. I already have the timeline and i want to have time to make it cool before everyone one else gets switched to the timeline.
Super Cameraman (author)  oliver16343 years ago
Don't you worry, I have some pretty neat ideas for the timeline. I just got it. LOTS of possibilities.
atomicbob4 years ago
The size of the blue at the top depends on the length of your current status. once i realized that, it was awesome!

keep it to one line and you're good to go. great instructable!
jperric4 years ago
Thanks a lot! The height of the gray part had to be adjusted a little, but it really worked out well!
mayday2955 years ago
 Sweet! I did it-- I had to adjust the top blue part of your file, in order to line it up properly.  
inside facebook 2.JPG
Hello im hardik, plz plz plz help me how to make dat type f pro pic.i wait fr ur rep.
Well just follow the guide and post your picture so I can get a reference of where you are at... and if your picture is not lining up right, what I did was expand the length, or decrease it in order to fit.

( i ended up making 3 pictures, uploading all of them to my facebook, then changing them as the facebook layout changed, taller picture, smaller picture, etc. to line them up properly;
Foaly75 years ago
I posted the "cake is a lie" thing on my facebook, not remembering where I got it from. :P
itworks5 years ago
Thanks a lot, I had a lot of fun with this!
polymeme5 years ago
Thank you for this. Now I can freak out all my friends!
polymeme5 years ago
Ok, I did it, didn't resize the background image at all, and it worked. Looked great. Then I posted something and suddenly it wasn't aligned anymore. Like 10-15 pixels lower than it was before. I don't get it.
artobot6 years ago
This was fun! Here's my shot at it.
laxap artobot6 years ago
Awesome !
laxap laxap5 years ago
I made It! [tm]

(solving the pixel alignment issue)
 3 X Awesome = Still awesome.

That's awesome!
mayday2955 years ago
 Sweet! I did it-- I had to adjust the top blue part of your file, in order to line it up properly.  
inside facebook 2.JPG
This is awesome but i think FB changed the header size :(

anyone have the new dimensions?
errrr i dont know whats going on... the size keeps changing or it looks off then its fine then off again
 Watch your status update -- for me, it worked fine with a single-line status, but as soon as it went to 2 lines, the image was off.

I think FB's tweaked it's layout since this 'ible was posted.
Thank You

JohnJY5 years ago
 Kilroy Was Here
Jakeg5 years ago
Honestly I couldn't find good instructions on using gimp for this...    could anyone help me please?  I just need some instructions for this in "The Gimp".

 use the lasso tool and click out the outline of you, then copy the image and paste it on your save pic, layer> anchor/merge.
ItsTheHobbs5 years ago
Heres mine.
Success! I had to fiddle with the size of the original image (I added more blue to the top bit by bit till I got it right). It's awesome!
facebook cap.jpg
r0cketman225 years ago
 This is in "Tech", should it not be in "Photo"?
splinks5 years ago
Man you beat me to making this tutorial. I found out about this idea from this site.
Shame the layout changed, this was awesome.
ModMischief5 years ago
Mine doesn't line up :(

I didn't resize the picture, what did I do wrong?

Nevermind, I managed to fix it with a bit of cropping.
Cakestripe5 years ago
Oh, this turned out so, so well! Now, Bobby Corwen will get the recognition he deserves.

Really, this was cool - thanks so much for it!
 great 'ible!  just made one on Acorn, an image editing software for macs. thanks!
had to change it a bit and shrank my original pic so its quite bad quality but here it is:
I'm addicted, this is like my 5th one...
wakeupsami5 years ago
 all lined up on the first try!

Clayton H.5 years ago
I need some help with mine
J-Manoo75 years ago
nice ible! i had already made a profile pic similar to what you said but still thought it was awesome
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