Porchetta is considered the ultimate pork dish by most Italians.   Traditionally made from whole boned hogs, this porchetta is made from readily available cuts.  Use the best pork though for the best flavor.  I strongly suggest buying your pork from Fox Valley Berkshires (foxvalleyberkshire.com) .  Berkshire hogs are considered the best "bacon" hogs in the world and Fox Valley's are organically grown.

Step 1: Spices

Spice mixture is key to a traditional Porchetta.  Everything BUT the garlic should be ground together into a smooth mixture.

12 cloves garlic

2T fennel

2T crushed red pepper

2T rosemary

1T black pepper

1T thyme

2T chile powder

1T mustard

3T salt

1T sugar

2t cumin

Awesome job!!

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