Porchetta - The ultimate Pork dish

Picture of Porchetta - The ultimate Pork dish
Porchetta is considered the ultimate pork dish by most Italians.   Traditionally made from whole boned hogs, this porchetta is made from readily available cuts.  Use the best pork though for the best flavor.  I strongly suggest buying your pork from Fox Valley Berkshires (foxvalleyberkshire.com) .  Berkshire hogs are considered the best "bacon" hogs in the world and Fox Valley's are organically grown.
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Step 1: Spices

Picture of Spices
Spice mixture is key to a traditional Porchetta.  Everything BUT the garlic should be ground together into a smooth mixture.

12 cloves garlic

2T fennel

2T crushed red pepper

2T rosemary

1T black pepper

1T thyme

2T chile powder

1T mustard

3T salt

1T sugar

2t cumin

Step 2: Dressing the Pork Products

Picture of Dressing the Pork Products
Obtain a 5-6 pount pork loin and a skin on pork belly.  Pork Belly is uncured bacon - which means it is just this side of perfection.  The cut of pork belly should be as long as the pork loin and wide enough to wrap completely around the loin.  When you first buy them they will look like (pciture 1).  Lay the pork belly flat and trim to an even thickness (picture 2 and 3).  Take care in trimming the belly.  The meat that you trim off of the belly makes great pork stew.  Trim length to match length of the loin.(picture 4)

Step 3: Trim Width of Belly

Picture of Trim Width of Belly
Trim the width of the Belly to fit around your pork loin

Step 4: Season the Pork Belly

Picture of Season the Pork Belly
The seasonings that you prepared in Step one should now be applied to the pork belly.  During the roasting of the porchetta, the juices of the prok belly will take the spices deeply into the loin for full flavor.  DO NOT over apply the seasonings.  Too thick is too much.  You will have spice mixture left over - all the better to make another porchetta later!

After applying the dry mixture, dot the surface with the 12 cloves of garlic.  Make sure that they are mashed in a garlic press to release their full flavor
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