Porcupine Cones





Introduction: Porcupine Cones

In this instructable you will make a Porcupine center piece. This is inspired by my brother. He brought a pinecone turkey home from school. I didn't have a big enough pinecone for it. I also didn't have a brown puffball for the head. I had another idea. What about a porcupine! My friend wanted to help so I gathered the needed items and she collected the needles. This could serve as a center piece or just a plain old nicknack.

Step 1: These Are the Items You Will Need...

- One bottle of craft glue
- One pinecone
- One Pair of scissors
- One piece of white paper
- LOTS of brown pine needles
- One Cue tip or cotton swab
- One black Sharpie marker

Step 2: Gluing the Needles to the Pinecone

Get little bunches of of pine needles and glue them to the pinecone

Step 3: Making the Eyes

Simply, cut out 2 white circles for the eyes. Don't forget to use the Sharpie marker to make the pupils. Then glue those to the pinecone. Googley eyes work too.



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Ohla!! I love it!!! It's so cute and great for fall!!!

Bella, i made one too ! i doesn't look as good as ours though!

What a clever and simple little project. Would love to see more images of the final product from different angles. What inspired you to share this particular craft? Is there a story behind the creation?

I have edited the instructable so you can check it out again to see the full story!