Porject: MOLLE. Codename: Backpack.




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Introduction: Porject: MOLLE. Codename: Backpack.

About: I grew up in downtown Phoenix, moved to California in my youth and was kicked out of the house (Permanently....seriously) for smoking an illegal substance that people smoked in the 60's. I started Backpackin...

For my next project I am sewing together a MOLLE backpack and going to make a few other modular pouches/bags/etc to fit onto my setup.

Required features:
Must be durable
Must be water resistant or waterproof
Must be modular
The main pack must be able to detach from the frame
Must be light weight and versatile yet must hold ALL equipment properly
Must be simple in design and easy to repair

Materials used so far:
30ft of Nylon webbing/straps
6 sets of buckles
1.25 Linear yards of duck fabric (Not the tape. Duck fabric is PVC coated Nylon)
450 yds of Nylon upholstery thread (Probably due to my obsession with the embroidery stitch)
An old 65L backpack (For the shoulder pads, kidney pads, sternum strap, and internal aluminum frame)

I basically made 2 side walls (which measured 30 inches tall and 8 inches wide), a front and back (30 inches tall 20 inches wide), and a bottom (20 inches wide and 8 inches tall). I then sewed MOLLE webbing onto the front piece and one of the side pieces. After that I sewed all of the pieces together (Inside out) and bound the edges. I flipped it "Inside right" and attached it to the frame using it's pre-defined buckles. Enjoy!

Keep an eye open for my next project! "Project: MOLLE. Codename: Load Bearing Vest"



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    This is an awesome looking backpack. It looks like it would hold a great amount of equipment, protecting my stuff from the rain, and I really like the extra space you added with the nylon webbing. I can easily connect my reflector for when I’m hiking at night, my Canteen for easy access and still have plenty of space for whatever little knickknack I want. I would definitely buy this product for its function-ability.