Pork Casserole





Introduction: Pork Casserole

There is a can food exchange here at my apartments. I had never seen potatoes or a can of PORK like this before. So, out of morbid curiosity I decided to cook up this dish.

Step 1: Ingredients: Cans

Can of PORK.

2 cans of potatoes.

Can of Cream of Mushroom.

Can of Green Beans.

Step 2: The PORK

The first thing I had to do was open that can.....and it was gross! I quickly poured the can into a strainer and rinsed the meat off.

Step 3: Layer

I first added green beans, then my pork, and salt & pepper.

Step 4: Soup Can

I then poured in my can of soup. My mistake here was using the whole can.

Step 5: Potatoes

I mashed up my potatoes, after adding a spot of butter and salt, and covered the top.

Step 6: Cook

I cooked at 350 for about 25 minutes.

Step 7: Serve

It smelled great, it tasted OK, but it is not a very pretty dish.



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Oh i did the pork barbeque before.it was good

I have 2 pouches of pork in juices that i received from my food bank.i was wondering if anyone has other recipes they've tried with it. I will try the one listed but i would love more options

I grew up with canned pork, it was a government surplus for those who needed it. Being from a family of 9 kids the food budget was tight in the 60's-70's so we got stuff like that. Like all canned meat it has a distinct flavor that does not appeal to many. Rinsing and masking it with other strong flavors is the way to go. It does make a good bbq meat base and goes a long way.

This would make fantastic bbq sandwiches.

Cool I've been wondering how I would use this canned pork, thanks for the Instructable.

It maybe better used as bbq sandwiches.

I'm hungry this is nice.

Not so much. I was curious and very bored.

Yea, I still look forward to spaghetti.

That dish almost ended me......almost!