Step 2: Brown Porkchops

Heat your heavy fry pan, and grease with a bit of butter, lard, or neutral oil.

I used a big cast iron pan, which is really perfect for this job. A stainless steel pan will be fine as well, but stay away from non-stick pans - you really want some of that nice fond (Maillard reaction browning product) to stick and hang out in the pan for later.

Since raw supermarket pork can be suspicious, here's my stay-clean handling technique:
Designate one hand to get covered in pork (preferably your non-dominant hand) and the other to stay clean and handle the seasonings. Pick up a porkchop, and sprinkle one side with salt (or season salt), pepper, and a bit of cornstarch. Rub the cornstarch around with your meat-covered thumb, then place the porkchop seasoned-side down in your pan. Repeat with more porkchops, tiling them to fit the surface of your pan.

Now that they're safely in the pan, sprinkle the exposed unseasoned side of the porkchops and use your meat-covered hand to rub it in.

Wash hands, then grab the tongs and flip the porkchops when they're starting to brown. You're not cooking them through (there's an oven stage for that), just producing a nice tasty brown surface on each face.

When you've browned both sides, transfer the chops to a baking dish and repeat the process with more porkchops. This shouldn't take too long, so it's fine to just keep them sitting on the counter as you continue cooking. Cover with foil if you need to keep flies, fingers, or pet noses away.