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Hello and thanks for taking time to look at my latest build, my Porsche Carrera Concept.

Basically what I got my inspiration from is Jack-O-Jack's 1973 Porsche Carrera RS, but I put my own twist on it. This is the most detail I have ever put into a knex car and I think it shows. It has a doors that open, a steering wheel that actually functions, and a powerful 10 rubberband engine that propels it at fast speeds. I think the motor is a new feature that is not normally in car of this design.The only thing I think can improve is the postion of the steering column that is a little to close to the wall, but other than that it is very, very awesome all around. Most importantly, it helps me to think about more round aerodynamic knex car design.

I do plan on posting this eventually, just wanting some imput on what you think about it.

Thanks for looking!  JonnyBGood



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    That looks so nice on of the best knex cars i have seen please post some more cars here I like how it does not use an outrageous amount of parts like my car. also do still have it i would like to make it if you can post instructions.

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    I unfortunatly don't have it anymore. However I quite literally just threw more pieces onto the base I borrowed from the original maker. Shouldn't be too hard to replicate with your own twist.

    That's to bad are you planning on posting some more cars it would be cool if you made a truck or something hope to see more cool stuff like this in the future.

    Am I planning more cars for the future? Not sure yet, I'm kind of in the planning process right now and I'm waiting for an idea to jump at me. I have 2 cars planned, (drawn) if I do end up doing any of them they will be to showcase a new system I've wired up. (hint, hint).
    Also I may just do something similar to this one, find a car with a good design and throw pieces at it until it looks awesome.

    I dont have many pieces left . knex dude 2000 has used a lot of them.

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    Well I'm not sure how many pieces you have, but maybe my Offroad Truck?

    or on second thought maybe Jack O Jack's Porche Carrera, only because my Porche is a direct copy of his. I just added a ton more pieces and features than he did.

    Why thanks!
    I still have it, just because it looks great on a shelf.

    On a unrelated note, I finished taking pictures of Zip2 (almost 300) I will make the ible tomorrow granted no curveballs occur.

    Well ummmm... that's pretty vague... If you have a motor I would build I_am_Canadian's Circular Ball Machine. It has very clear instructions and is awesome to watch... almost hypnotic. It's also very popular being that it is the face of the title page of the knex e-book.

    Cool i like bmw's. what shal i build that is popular on this site ,

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    Whatever your intrest is in. Mine was Knex and Lego guns, but I kinda just enjoy knex gadgets in general.

    Hi i am new on this site and dont know what to do . you seem like a clever guy, can you tell me what is popular and will get a good rating or whatever. By the way , i like your car . i bet many people ask you if you can post instructions, I would like some if you have any.

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    Yep they're coming up give me around week. (I got something else I'm working on)

    COOL but i gave you the idea but anyway it is a good car . please can you post easy instructions for my brother. he wants it now,

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    Well, I may, I got a list going of stuff for this site so we'll see.

    this is a well articulated car, although this looks like a porsche 944 to me. still a great looking car though, great job.