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As you can see, i'm not very good with titles. Anyways, recently I came across some old computer speakers. I decided, why not, convert them into a pretty loud and high quality portable iPod speakers".
The thought of making an Instructable did not cross my mind and its pretty simple anyways.
I added the controller antenna thingy a couple days later.

NOTE: I was too lazy to decorate it, so i left the box torn, brown and ugly.


Da Nugesta (author)2009-09-11

kool ible! i will subscribe. what was the model name of the comuter speakers or wat numbers are printed on the back of the magnets plz!!

GarbageMan500 (author)Da Nugesta2009-09-11

um actually im pretty new to instructables and i dont really make 'ibles as you can see but you can still subscribe :P the model number is SP-20N and the number on the back of the magnets is A-816-2 theyre just generic emachines speakers that we put into a box when the computer overheated and the motherboard melted >:( heres a link:

whoops i forgot to add the link :
and also, how come whenever i add a link it doesnt put the link name just the link?

Da Nugesta (author)GarbageMan5002009-09-12

I don't know, sorry :(

I stumbled across the answer a couple of weeks ago, by, I think, Seandogue or Kiteman (could have been another, I'm not sure).

If you want your link to be just a word or phrase instead of the whole long web address, first type in the word or words you wish to make a link, highlight the word(s), then press the link button and put the actual web address in the link box. Press OK and voila!, your link is just the text you wanted it to be.

For example, the regular link to AltaVista is: Following the steps above, I can make it say Try This Search Engine and it takes you to the same place.



Da Nugesta (author)GarbageMan5002009-09-12

thats freaky i used to have those speakers and i took the drivers out of them but i couldn't remember wat they looked like :). LOL. oneof my friends also has them too.

GarbageMan500 (author)Da Nugesta2009-09-12


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