Introduction: Bread Slicer

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We love garlic bread. We love thin slices. We don't like mashed, squashed, torn, messy, or thick slices. The best way to get fluffy uniform slices is to use a portaband saw.

Step 1: Easy to Use.

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I normally use a wicker bread basket to catch my cuts but evidently its getting used as an Easter basket. Anyways. Pull open a drawer and put your bread receptacle below your cut spot and let the drawer serve as your third hand.
I cut a few here to show my technique.
Its a cut and repeat job from here.

Step 2: Nice Smooth Cuts

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Gotta go finish the job

Step 3: Finished the Loaf

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Goes great with...
Leave any pics or recipes of your favorite.
Or links to your favorite food ible.


dalegribble (author)2014-04-20

Cut bacon in between bread. Give it bacon flavor

Kkrattiger (author)2014-04-03

Haha!... butter as you slice. Why not

Texas Marauder (author)2014-03-30

Kind of overkill. I like it.

rickysp8 (author)2014-03-30

If you lubricate your blade with butter you could butter as you slice

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