Many of you may have read the full sized ROMP instructable, but those of you who didn't, here's a link: http://www.instructables.com/id/E7343C85JWERIE2RED/

As you can see Stormed and I had a nice conversation about the "Random Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum", and he came up with the idea to make it portable. So then we started coming up with ideas on how to do this. Apparently I finished my design first though, so if you see another instructable much like this one posted by Stormed, don't say that this has already been posted, since his design varies from my own and without his comments, I may never have actually thought of this.

After much trial and error, my Pocket ROMP is complete. Now when I go to the DMV and the batteries in my handheld goes dead (cause we all know how long it takes), I can take this out and perhaps even inspire other people there to make their own.

Here's how I built my Portable.

Warning: Do this in a well vented area due to fumes. The soldering iron also becomes hot, so be careful with it.

Step 1: Materials

Time to gather your materials.

1. Goop or rubber cement (also a small nail to spread with)
2. A round disc magnet
3. Pliers
4. Box Cutter (sharp knife)
5. Strong Wire
6. Marker
7. Altoids Container
8. Soldering iron and solder
9. Thread
10. 9 volt battery (or a small flat piece of metal)
11. Foil insulation or piece of cardboard.
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can i use a paperclip for the wire?
It may work for awhile, but after a few bends, it may break. Might be able to get away with one of the ones encased in rubber.
paperclip is too short
instead of using 9-v casing, Y not just put magnets on lid?
You could use the lid itself, I just wanted to make an open, level surface.
ok. thats what i did, put on lid. i used small neodymium magnets. 12 on lid and used 2 to hold string for pendulum. will post pic as soon as i get pendulum done.
nice. i like it. ganna go make one now.
i got one a few years ago, the altoids can was a crater on the moon and the hanging magnet was a flying saucer
wierdest novelty thingie ever
Haha, nice job. I spent all yesterday finding a camera, then charging the batteries when it died. And am starting as soon as the folks wake up, because if they don't wake up, the power tools will. Since I'm a bigger fan of a small form factor(plus my room is cluttered and mess, as well as tiny), I'm starting the mini one. In a week or two, I might order a bunch of tiny magnets for use with this stuff(5 dollars for 100 really tiny ones). I'm probably going to use an object to hold the magnet, which will then be attached to a piece of string.
I wish you the best of luck, at first I was going to put the arm on the lid, but found out that the magnet was too attracted to the walls (even after I tried to put up a barrier out of Goop and electrician's tape, which I had to tear out). So after much thinking I figured out this design, which raised the platform above the sides of the lid. I may try to make the variable magnets smaller to create smaller fields though and paint the inside so it'll look better. Perhaps even draw the bullseye on the platform. Anyhow, wishing you the best.
And...DONE! A ROMP in an Altoids Apple Sours can =]. I'm going to write up the instructables now, with fancy pictures and everything. I made a few mistake along the way, but can easily be done properly by someone else(by the time I noticed the mistakes, it was too late, and I was too lazy). <br/>
<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/EOXXMWFR50ERXTRSTT/">http://www.instructables.com/id/EOXXMWFR50ERXTRSTT/</a><br/><br/>My version.<br/>
It's a random oscillating magnetic pendulum. It creates randomness by taking advantage of the magnetic fields of the magnets. It's just for show mainly. The pendulum just swings about widely. It's kinda cool.
It's a random oscillating magnetic pendulum. It creates randomness by taking advantage of the magnetic fields of the magnets. It's just for show mainly. The pendulum just swings about widely. It's kinda cool.
What does it do?

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