This charcoal stove was originally designed as an alternative stove for people living in rural Nicaraguan communities.  This small stove can be placed on top of a traditional Nicaraguan wood stove, giving the user the capability to cook with charcoal instead of wood.  Since charcoal is cleaner burning than wood, this change can have a positive impact on the user's health. 

The charcoal stove is presented here as an inexpensive and portable alternative to a traditional barbecue grill..

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Step 1: Gathering Materials

Time: Once you have collected the materials, making a stove takes less than 3 hours

1. Sheet metal (10"x10' hot dipped galvanized flashing from Home Depot works well)
2. Wire (14 gauged galvanized wire from Home Depot works well)

1. Shears or scissors
2. Pliers
3. Ruler and marker
4. Hammer and nail
5. Work gloves

Please be careful with galvanized steel around heat. It can give off fumes that can make you very sick. The galvanizing is zinc & when burnt it is toxic. If you get a headache leave the area immediately. You should use this outside until all traces of zinc are gone or not use galvanized metal at all. CHEERS!
if you wait till you get a headache, you've already been poisoned fairly seriously(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metal_fume_fever). <br> <br>If it's a home depot or Menards... go for the painted steel rolls. A bit more pricey, and the paint will still burn off, but at least it's only MILDLY toxic. <br> <br>As a last resort(and ESPECIALLY in poor parts of central and south america, where this is intended to be used...accounting for the general lack of reliable/affordable/available healthcare) Set the stove outdoors, downwind, away from people and livestock, load it with kindling, and build a small fire around it. This should burn off the toxics at a RELATIVELY safe distance.
Obviously ! just saying to leave so you don't get more toxins ... Plain steel is the best &amp; should be fairly easily obtained.

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