Hi all. its me again..
i wanted to always do this instructable
so here it is, from research and develpoment of a better
"ice-powered" aircon, every website and instructable regarding to that.
From CameronSS and Artic Air, and also lots of websites. and blogs about this and find out information and lots of it! thanks all
here is the version of the airconditioner idea combined with CameronSS and Artic Air. But mines more budget of course!

credits go to CameronSS and aritic air to inspire me to do this! :)

thanks cameronSS for the great idea

Step 1: Items You Need

1)A small condenser,heater core,radiator.Preferably something small
-Mine i bought was at around $13, a computer radiator
2)A styrofoam cooler,Ice chests,Cooler.Medium sized
-Hah i bought mine below $2, ice box 1st hand
-FREE! from my water pipe bwaha!
4)Small Water Pump better submirsible
-mine i bought it for $3 at ebay.
5)Case Fans.
-$3 at ebay. its 205CFM!
-free. from my stuffs!
TOTAL: $21


BTW. its in SGD currency

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