Picture of Portable AirConditioner
Hi all. its me again..
i wanted to always do this instructable
so here it is, from research and develpoment of a better
"ice-powered" aircon, every website and instructable regarding to that.
From CameronSS and Artic Air, and also lots of websites. and blogs about this and find out information and lots of it! thanks all
here is the version of the airconditioner idea combined with CameronSS and Artic Air. But mines more budget of course!

credits go to CameronSS and aritic air to inspire me to do this! :)

thanks cameronSS for the great idea
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Step 1: Items You Need

Picture of Items You Need
1)A small condenser,heater core,radiator.Preferably something small
-Mine i bought was at around $13, a computer radiator
2)A styrofoam cooler,Ice chests,Cooler.Medium sized
-Hah i bought mine below $2, ice box 1st hand
-FREE! from my water pipe bwaha!
4)Small Water Pump better submirsible
-mine i bought it for $3 at ebay.
5)Case Fans.
-$3 at ebay. its 205CFM!
-free. from my stuffs!
TOTAL: $21


BTW. its in SGD currency

Step 2: Cut Cut LETS GET START!

Picture of Cut Cut LETS GET START!
CUT out the shape to let air flow from the radiator
then Paste strong mounting tape on it to secure it to the cover
p.s. get a good tape and strong ones like 3m brand
make shure that ONLY the "fins" area is exposed to the hole and not other part haha.
CUT out vent area to let air to come in to the cooler, cut any shape you want. heart,square,circle,shapeless LOL. mine i followed the Artic Air style of vents

Step 3: Mount the fan and the tubing

Picture of Mount the fan and the tubing
Now use mounting tape to tape the ends of the fan and create a folded shape at the side.Make shure that the fan is BLOWING OUT
Then Now Cut out the tubings to fit to the radiator, plumbers tape helps a lot in leakages.
Schmidty161 year ago
Put a vent on the other side of the radiator to blow air throu
hquant3 years ago
where did you buy the radiator??? link please :D
Well done, all of your coolers are great ideas, hope to see more stuff from you on the site!
dandré3 years ago
where did you get that radiator? cant find one that cheap.
btw you spelled artic air wrong its arctic air
will64 years ago
thnx alot u are very intelligent
Terron5 years ago
Add some salt to the water. Mythbusters proved that salt in the water will drop the temp big time, meaning less ice pack change outs and probably a cooler breeze.
Meaning MORE ice changing NOT less.
It only dropped water temperature because it was in direct contact with the ice. Salt melts ice in direct contact hence salting the roads and side walks in winter in the northern states. It melts the ice faster causing the water overall the be brought closer to freezing point. So salt=less time cold=colder temperature for time being. Not with ice packs tho.
I wonder if there are any portable AC's out there that don't use ice. Something like:

|                                           |      
|        ____________       |Cold air out
|       |                          |       |
|        |   ________    |       |
|        |_|                  |_ |       |
|        __   FAN        _____|
|___|    |________|     

Left side is the radiator. Theory: The fan would compress the air in there. When the air decompresses, it releases energy and so cools the environment. It's only a maybe so... nah. rated as 4.5 :D
arikyeo5 years ago
how did you get the box? I'm a Singaporean too!!!
farhanians (author)  arikyeo5 years ago
hardware shops in tampines! or go to a fish shop! ask for an ice box!
but I live in the west...
farhanians (author)  arikyeo5 years ago
Hmm... tries any fishing shops??? there? shure have one! good luck finding one! sometimes skp have them
farhanians (author)  arikyeo5 years ago
Try FIshing SHOPS! at changi.
dabombmaker5 years ago
many people said it ws a waste of electricity to make the ice: however i disagree because the ice is made no matter what. so technically ur not paying for anything but the water.
Sitaram5 years ago
This is really awesome. However, someone like me who is totally clueless about anything related to manual construction, a portable air conditioner though more expensive, would do just fine. I thought I would share some great thechnological advancement with you all out there about portable air conditioner industry. It is a new invention called AutoDrain NanoMist Technology introduced by Amcor Plasma Cool. Check it out -

I had the pleasure of seeing one of these units at my friends place and she could not stop raving about it.
daniel!6 years ago
nice this is a good idea i want to try it some time
gogeta6 years ago
gr8 job....but could give much more detail abt the positioning of the radiator and vent as even i was planning on making an ac as my PC gets really hot....plz give much more detailed info and pics
hahaha i built one of these two years ago out of an old hairdryer and some pvc pipe! pretty sweet! a cool idea would be to use a Stirling engine to power the fan!
farhanians (author)  heyzuphowsitgoin6 years ago
Yeah.. maybe the cold can be used for the stirling engine instead of the heat. haha good idea tho!
Thornburg6 years ago
Great job. Pretty cheap. Do you notice any difference in the air room temp.
farhanians (author)  Thornburg6 years ago
ouhh.. my room is pretty small but btw i dont hav any thermometer with me. But ive cooled my room with it. and its noticable after 2-3 hours operating this bugger at a hot day.That is with 2 times of reloading of ice. and one thing good about this is that ive set a timer plug and for first 1hour of cooling, by the time.. im asleep then it will be a normal fan. hahas cool ehk this thing replaced my normal fan f.y.i.
Great instructable, I'll be sure to check out your other instructables
farhanians (author)  thermoelectric6 years ago
thanks thermoelectric
Your welcome