Step 6: Lighting and Roasting Instructions

Picture of Lighting and Roasting Instructions
When Ready to light and roast....

2. Take all items out Except the candle tin
3. Open your charcoal packet and put the charcoal into the tin.
4. Center the candle tin in the Altoids tin.
5. Take some of lighter fluid and pour it over the coals.
6. Light Coals.
7. Coals should begin to burn (Wait until they start to turn white)
8. Place Marshmallow on Toothpick or Skewer
9. Roast to Your Liking and Enjoy !!!

Warning - The Altoids will be cool enough to handle BUT the candle tin is scorching hot.

When finished wait until coals burn out or put them out manually. Then repack for next roast.

diythings6 years ago
im going to make the ebq bbq grill and the marshmellow roaster but the candle version
bwarring6 years ago
Awesome idea, but just one thing. Can you use something other then lighter fluid and charcol... What about using a T-Light Candle and burn it for a minute or two and take tooth pics stick them in the melted wax and use the tooth picks as the burner!? All you need to do is light the candle!