Introduction: Portable Bandsaw Mount

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Build a mount and table for a portable bandsaw.

Step 1: Scrap Pieces

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Dig up scrap wood and metal.

Step 2: Metal

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Fit a piece of metal under the bandsaw handle.

Step 3: Wood

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Cut wood to fit on both sides of the saw handle.

Step 4: Fasten

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Screw the metal to the wood pieces.

Step 5: Fit

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Slide the mount under the handle and snugly in place and adjust for fit.

Step 6: Shoe

Picture of Shoe

Remove the bandsaw shoe.

Step 7: Plate

Picture of Plate

Trace the shoe onto a metal plate.

Step 8: File

Picture of File

Drill and file an inlet for the bandsaw blade.

Step 9: Drill

Picture of Drill

Drill screw holes

Step 10: Countersink

Picture of Countersink

Replace the stock screws with countersunk head screws. Countersink the holes and test for fit.

Step 11: Finish

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Sand the surface of the plate and apply a coat of wax.

Step 12: Table

Picture of Table

Attach the plate to the bandsaw.

Step 13: Bolts

Picture of Bolts

Drill bolt holes in the mount and into a bench apron. Insert the bolts into the apron.

Step 14: Mount

Picture of Mount

With the mount inserted into the saw handle attach to the bolts in the apron. Fasten tightly. Use a clamp to hold down the power switch.


CementTruck (author)2017-06-30

Very nice. You could also zip tie the trigger switch on and plug the bandsaw to a cheap power strip with a toggle switch.

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