Diy portable battery backup for camping or surviving a power outage.

Step 1: Parts And Materials

The parts in the instructible is mostly stuff I already had but can be purchased online and at your local Walmart. To start with this is my first instructible so bare with me.

Parts list

1 toolbox

1 410watt dc to ac power inverter

1 36ah (amp hour) 12 volt battery

1 utility auxiliary fuse block dc

1 110volt ac 2 plug receptacle and cover

1 usb cable extension

1 plug in cigarette light battery monitor lcd display

1 dual cigarette lighter auxiliary all weather plug

1 momentary push button

The rest of the parts are basic electronics butt connectors and basic electrical wire or 12 to 10 gauge speaker wire will do fine also.

1 rivet gun with multiple size rivets

1 rechargeable drill and standard drill bit set 5 piece set will do.

1 receptacle box

1 male ends from old pc tower power cords
<p>This is great, just what I was looking for. Do you have a price estimate?</p>
depending on how big of solar panel and power inverter you use it can get pretty expensive but I guess I have about 150-200 dollars in this one. but works great for camping and power outages
I love this.
Love it very good idea.
It is very handy. Thinking of putting some external post on it from the battery so I can clamp my off road dc air compressor to it.
<p>Nice project! This looks very handy.</p>

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Bio: i love working with my hands. i love electronics and solar projects. camping and survival is a past time favorite of mine.
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