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Hi Guys, This Is A portable Boom Box
Its Very Very Loud & clear, Remote Control with 12v 4.5ah battery lasts 3-5 days has inbuilt 20 watt amplifier and lamp, it also has a mini storage compartment to keep eatables and your charger,phone etc. if Interested please mail me


JohnCopper (author)2015-12-06

should this intructable not describe how you actually build the box?

devwatts5 (author)JohnCopper2015-12-06

I Am Sorry, If You Want To know How i built it Please email Me. I will give you the full instructions
sorry for the inconvenience

JohnCopper (author)devwatts52015-12-07

i don't, but it does it not defeat the purpose of of not posting how you did it?

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