In this instructable, I will show you how to build an awesome portable bike repair station. Imagine having an entire bike shop on the rear rack of your bicycle! You can take this portable repair station to festivals, on bike paths or wherever your bike will go, using it for business or hobby purposes. I got this idea from a mechanic who lugs around a trailer full of bike tools. I think this design is an easier and more functional alternative to bringing tools in a toolbox and then having to find a work surface. This is my first wood working project so please give me feedback :)

I would like to thank the membership of The Recyclery (http://wptest.therecyclery.org/) and Pumping Station One (http://pumpingstationone.org/). The Recyclery is my favorite not-for-profit in Chicago because it does bicycle education and community outreach through the power of bicycles. Thanks Jesse for your input on tools and Tomaz for loaning me tools. Pumping Station One is an amazing resource for makers and hackers who want to build anything. I had to learn many new skills to build this project. I want to thank JP for his design consultation, Greg for his help with drafting, Josh for his help with parts, Jason for his help with the second iteration of the tool wall and everyone else who contributed. Building stuff is always a learning experience and these amazing people helped me understand and realize my vision for this project.

I hope you enjoy this instructable :D Please vote for me if you like my Instructable.


Thanks for sharing your methods. It's so important to know how to do good layout before you get into woodworking....nice 'ible!!!