My name  Mr K   you will never get the last name right so we will go with if thats Ok.
This simple Bike Stand, Idea came from the need to rebuild several old bikes and to Paint or Powder Coat. I do know about you, but the working on the floor is a method from the past. Get the project up where you can get your hands on it makes everything work so much better.  
This project started with a crazy but a must have idea. But had to be very low cost in order to fit into my rebuild budget I priced this job for.  I started with an old service light stand which was in the pile to go out to the recycle place. As you will see in the pics. I did not get around to doing any cleaning on this part. (Make use of what you have, Save the Money)  The bike mounting bracket is made of old pipe parts from a Suzuki Jeep Roll Bar which was also in the recycle bin. The clamp I am using is from my woodworking side of the house, It was used to hold down material on the shaper. I never like this clamp because it worked backwards to me. You had to push up on the lever to clamp the wood which meant i was moving into the direction of cutting blades on the shaper, but for this Bike Stand it is doing a good job. More info in later discussion.

As you get into this project and decide you wont to build one for your self, fell free to contact me by e-mail kriegercustom@gmail.com   

Step 1: Tools / Materials

You will need:

Drill                 Drill Press is best  but hand drill will work fine
Hacksaw       Power metal cut off saw is easier
Grinder          either 4" angle grinder  or Grinder Stand with wire wheel on one end 
Wire Welder  Stick welder will work just fine


The materials may vary according to what you have on hand. I will give more details on what I used later. I have a bad habit of building a little heavier and stronger than what is required for a project, according to my sons.

Old Service Light Stand
Clamping device 
Bolts and nuts to fit
Strip of rubber
Large Washer
Small Scraps of metal
Paint or Powder

nice one, <br> <br> i am now assembling my own bike repair stand using the base and post of an old industrial fan, will post images once i complete the project.
This came out really well. We are moving soon and I was curious how I could build a low-profile bikestand for our new place. Also, I'm a big fan of <strong>KISS</strong> as well.
Thank You If I can help in any way please let me know.

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