Sometimes, you just need a small blade. One of those cases is in the outdoors, and when you go hiking or camping, you need a blade that is always with you for whatever you need (cutting rope or string, etc.). This Instructable aims to show you how I created a small blade (And attachable handle) out of stuff you (most likely) already have. Because I made mine out of a coin, I found that the soft metal as easy to dull, so its really a one time use. Even still, be careful where you bring it- Stay away from airports and schools with this, it could be considered a hidden blade. Please be careful if you choose to use it, as it is sharp and small. Concerns have been raised about whether it could be used for a weapon, and the answer is that it could be used as a knife, just like a knife would. However, using this to hurt someone is rather impractical, as it is so small. Not only should you avoid attacking someone in general, using this would result in you getting your teeth kicked in- there is no range. However, bear in mind that this is intended for educational purposes, and should not be used to hurt someone, either offensively or defensively. On the other hand, if you find you need to cut yourself out of a jam, such as a small rope that needs cutting, these can help.
I got the inspiration for this when i was talking to some friends about the coin necklace pendant I made, and you can see the 'ible for that Here.

Step 1: Supplies

So, here is what you will need...
- A coin or thick scrap metal,
- Hot glue,
- Your basic nuts and bolts (some thin and short ones that go together, we only need 2), and
- String (of some sort) for the necklace piece.
For tools, we will be using...
- Hammer/anvil (Or something else to fold the coin in half)
- Pliers
- Hot glue gun
- Drill and Drill bits
- Knife
- Files
- Whetstone (or more fine files to make a sharp point on the blade)
- Lexan (for a work surface when we are using the hot glue)
- Vice
- Vice grips
-Putty knife

I'm gonna go way out on a limb here and suggest that if you really want to have a useful ready blade of some kind that you can carry with you all the time and maybe never need but when you do, it's really nice to have...... carry a pocket knife. They come in thousands of sizes and you can get one for next to nothing.... and on top of that, the normally stainless steel blades will be easier to use and last longer than a folded quarter.
Agreed... But this is much more fun than buying something :D
A US quarter is a TERRIBLE blade material. <br>Save yourself 20 cents, and a ton of frustration. <br> <br>Use a nickle. <br> <br>It is a solid, MUCH harder metal than the core of a quarter. <br>Bonus, it is thick enough that there is no need to bend it in half. lots of work saved. <br>
The point of using a quarter was so that it would have a longer blade, and as it would be used only for emergencies, an easy to dull blade is okay. I did not have any trouble or frustration with a quarter, and it took only a minute to fold and file. However, thanks for your idea.
Looks exactly like what was used to kill one of our local police officers. Looks like a necklace, but is actually a weapon.
I had no intention for it to be used as such, but I can see that other people would not have the same good intentions. However, it is too small to kill someone, but please give me your opinion on whether I should take this down. If you think there is a risk, please let me know, I would hate to be telling people how to make a concealed weapon.
You can leave it up. It's up to you. It's NOT too small to kill someone. The police officer had his throat slit with it and bled to death before someone could help. It was just unfortunate. But as soon as I saw it, it reminded me of that incident. <br>Any sharp object is a weapon. <br>It could be something handy for a survival kit. But so is a knife.
Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it.
Oh, so it's really a one-use emergency blade? I like that idea - the fact that it requires the disassembly and destruction of one item (the necklace), followed by assembly of the knife, should keep law enforcers happy that this is not a concealed weapon (I wouldn't try wearing it through an airport, though...). <br>
The coin does dull quickly, true, but it can be reassembled. You do make a good point not to bring it into an airport anyway, however.
I guess it wouldn't be good to take it to a airport or to school:)
Definitely should try to avoid bringing it int hat kind of place, yeah...

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