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Introduction: Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2X3W

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Check the video above for all the steps and sound test.

2X3 Watt bluetooth speaker from scrap wood


Bluetooth module Here or Here

Power bank 2600 mAh Here or Here

3 watt speakers

I used this Connector , it fits

Or you can choose similar itens with the same result

Step 1: Prepare the Case

You can use all the types of cases because the speakers, powerbank and module are very small,i have choose to do my own wood case.

Drill the holes for the speakers for the front and cut the pieces for the case, i had to trim the front/up sides of the wood case to be abble to fit the speakers.

Step 2: Front Part

Place the speakers in the correct position and secure them with small wood pieces glued with wood glue, when its dry remove the speakers and glue them using contact glue and hot glue

Step 3: The Switch

Mark the position of the switch and cut it carefully, i connected directly the switch to the power bank positive usb cable (red one), the switch controls the power output of the powerbank.

I have also apply some clear lacquer to protect and give a better look to the wood.

Step 4: The Electronics

its very simple , follow the schematic, to recharge the power bank connect an mini usb extension on the back of the case, isolate all the exposed wiring and solders with shrink tube and hot glue, do an hole on the back cover to expose the mini usb cable to recharge the powerbank.

Step 5: It Works !!

It as a nice sound, the battery should last plenty of hours, once again learning a little bit more in every project.

Tank you for watching.

(Sound test in the video in the beggining of this instructable)



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    4 Questions

    Hi, Just received the amp. What's the name of the male connector you use for the speaker to the board? Thank you!

    Thanks! I'll be doing something like this soon.

    In the video you drill two tiny holes over both the top corners of the switch. Why?


    Hello, i was trying to "capture" the led indicator lights from the powerbank using two pieces of clear plastic


    Can you use slightly bigger speakers? like 52mm? thanks


    I used 52mm speakers in this project, you can use speakers a little bit larger if you want.

    Does there have to be a certain voltage for the switch or can there be any?


    I used an 120volt mini switch, but you can use an 12 volt switch or less because its only 5 volts max output


    I'm wondering if anyone has links to source some good quality speakers. I'd like to make something similar, but I want it to sound as bright as Klipsch speakers. I know speaker makers tend to make their own, so perhaps there is no market for quality "bare" speakers.

    Tank you, i tried to create some contrast between the different pieces.