Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2x3W Finished !





Introduction: Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2x3W Finished !

Bluetooth Speaker

Make your own loud Bluetooth Speaker easy explained, cheap and handy to use for less then 14$.

Maybe you have some components which you don't need to buy like 3W speakers to make it less expensive.

In the following steps I will try to explain on the easiest way how to assemble this bluetooth speaker, people who don't know a lot of electronics will understand I hope, because I didn't know a lot about speakers,amplifiers and bluetooth stuff before making this speaker.

This speaker has a long battery life when you use good 18650 lithium batteries.

I found 3x 18650 lithium batteries which I used in parallel and has a total of 6600mah, the speaker plays 22 hours on the highest volume which is very loud.

You can charge the speaker with a micro USB, which is very handy!

In the next video I will show you the finished speaker and play a song to show you.

Step 1: Collect the Parts You Need

Collect the parts

What do you need?

- Bluetooth Stereo Audio Module:Ebay

If you wanna use a more easy and cheaper way, choose for the bluetooth audio USB, Very easy to connect and longer bluetooth distance! Check my other instructable were I used the bluetooth usb for the connections ;)

- Micro usb Charger module 5V 1A:Ebay

If you want a undervoltage protection to you can use this Micro usb protected charging module.

Check my other instructable were I used this protected charging module for the connections ;)

- 2x3W Amplifier:Ebay

I Should really recommand THIS Amplifier if you use a bluetooth audio USB, after I building it with the normal one I deccided to add a volume switch because the bluetooth usb has a very loud startup sound!

- 2 Speakers 3W 4Ω:Ebay

These speakers had good reviews and the sound is very good for there size!

or Ebay -> These are 8Ω 3W speakers which will sound more clear then 4Ω but not that loud.

- 3.7V Lithium 18650 Battery:NKON

I found my lithium battery in a router/modem, you can easy find them in laptop batteries, the battery of a drill or other electrical stuff. You just need a 3.7V Lithium Battery (You can also buy them on the internet)

I would really recommend to search very good after these because they aren't cheap

- Capacitor: 100µF capacitor

- Small wires and a switch

Step 2: Put the Parts Together

Put the parts together

Connect the parts with wires which you can see in the picture.

It's easy to glue the bluetooth module to a circuit board to make it stronger because otherwise the wires will snap from the module I guess.

You can also add buttons on the bluetooth module to change volume, pauze or play a song and go to the next song, but I didn't do that in my bluetooth speaker.

In the next video, I will do a quick test of the speaker with a voltage source instead of a battery, but it works the same. Also watch my video below where I play a song when the speaker is totally finished ! :)

Step 3: Put Everything in the Cover

Here are some pictures during the assemblage of the speaker.

First I wanted to make the cover out of wood, this would give you an excellent audio quality.

After a while I decided to put the speakers into a pvc T-profile with a diametre of 50mm.

It's much more easy to make and it looks original to me :)

It is very compact and it sounds great You can find the T-profiles in your local store which costs only 2$ or on the internet.

Step 4: Giving the Final Touch to the Speaker

I also putted a grill on it to protect the speaker.

Thanks to my friend Robbe Derks who helped me a lot !!!

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....looks great. even nicer than a finished many market products. T profile is really good choice. There might be some nice and easy way to protect the speaker from sharp objects outside.

Thanks :) that's a good idea to protect them !

Did u have noise without the 100uF cap? Or how did u decide on that cap?

I haven't tested without the cap but in the datasheet they said to use a 47uF and I really don't know what the difference should be.
I have a little beep tone in the background maybe it's cause the cap maybe not I you can test it would you pls tell me or there's a big difference ?
Thanks ! :)

I read somewhere that when the Powerlevel of the Bluetooth module becomes below 3.3Volts it introduces a 800Hz tone

Oooh Thanks,
Maybe my batteries are just to low at the moment xD
Thanks man, I will charge them and say or the beep tone in the background dissapeared ;) I've only charged them once until now, the batteries inside are very good, better then I expected :)

Did you still experience the tone after charging? Did you try a different cap?

I didn t try a different cap, but after charging the tone is stil there :-)

It's used for decoupling, good practice to keep it in there.

Oh Thanks lutkeveld good to know!