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Introduction: Portable Bluetooth Speaker Boombox

I have been watching instrutables for a while and also YouTube videos and forums. this is from where all my ideas came from. to make this little boombox i used a wine bottle wood case which i cut down to a smaller size ,a 12v 12ah battery, a lepai 2020+ amp, two speakers i found at a local thrift shop and a volt meter, plus a couple of spare wires i had laying around.
total cost was about 75$
battery at a local warehouse 15$
lepai amp- 20$
speakers at a thrift shop-8$
Bluetooth module-8$
battery charger-15$
volt meter-6$

Step 1: Box Sizing

Originally the box was twice as big, first i took it all apart and then i measured how much space i needed for the speakers and the battery, then i cut all the pieces and i put it back together and made the front and top removable.

Step 2: Opening Front Holes for the Speakers and Amplifier

On this step i tried measuring the speaker position but it did not work out the way i wanted it to so after the holes were cut out i had to cut the 3 piece speakers in pieces to make them fit correctly, to glue them to place i used gorilla glue epoxy.

Step 3: The Electronics

to power this boombox i used a 12v 12ah battery which gives me 6min-to 10 hours playtime from moderate to hi volume. the amplifier is a lepai 2020+ its an awesome little amplifier! i had to buy two due to an error on my wiring diagram i fried the first one :/. the 12v voltmeter lets me know how much battery i have left and the Bluetooth module gives me wireless connectivity. the power converter for the Bluetooth module is a standard car plug usb adaptor with 2 outputs so i have 1 extra to charge my phone on the go... the speakers are hi-fi grade with the subwoofer tweeter and super tweeter they run for 40$ the pair and they're waterproof but i got them for 8$ !!!!!...

Step 4: "Wiring Diagram"

this is the worst diagram i have created yet, if you have any question please feel free to comment and ask... i can either play from the battery or from the wall charger, the wall charger is a. 12v float charger to which i adapted a plug that plugs into the back of the boombox

Step 5: Finished Product!

the boombox came out overall great! the bluetooth reception is rather weak... the slide in top was made out of a really thin plywood and it would vibrate and rattle too much so instead i used a thicker mdf board which worked beautifully!!! I already took the speakers to a baseball game and it lasted 6 hours! and with still juice to go!. i dont let the bttery go under 12v because my charger wont recharge it from lets say 9v to 12, instead from 12 it hold the battery charge to 13.4 and i can leave it connected always without harm to the battery... from 13.4v in the battery to 12v should be around 8 hrs playtime depending on volume and temperature...

Step 6: Video!!!!

Homemade portable bluetooth boombox Youtube VIDEO



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    Hi I an new to diy Bluetooth speakers. I have a 2 wire voltage meter that I connected to my battery but the meter does not turn off when I turn the power off. Do I connected to wires on the voltage meter to the two wires on the battery ? Thanks

    Hello Tony :-)

    Really nice work!!
    i tried to build one my own but the i have some problems with noise, when the bluetoot is connected at the battery with the amplifier, but when the not run at the same power source, then there is no problem with noise(beep noises) did you try that ?

    1 reply

    put a groundloop isolater between them and that must fix it

    I really wanna make this boombox but i cant understand the diagram.
    Could u give a proper diagram.and instead of putting a battery pack can we just add a 12v adapter.is it nessecary to add the voltmeter.

    1 reply

    One more thing can give the detailed list of materials.plzzzz

    Hi, I'm not sure I understand how you're saying the boombox works when plugged into the wall. You say you put barrel plug on the end of the float charger, which presumably before had some crocodile type clips for the battery. Are you saying that the float charger is charging the battery and is also running the amp? Firstly, do you know if it's safe to draw from the SLA battery at the same time as charging it (if I understand correctly) and secondly would the float charger be the correct voltage/amperage to power the amp? I know these amps are 12v 2A but can probably handle 3A, but can they take 13.65v? Which is was one float charger I saw was putting out? Thank you. Nice looking project by the way.

    1 reply

    hey sorry for the confusion, and yes the float charger is charging the battery and is also running the amp. and yes it should be safe at least i haven't had any problems. and yes the float charger puts out 14v max at 1-2 amps therefore charging the battery safely and veeery sloowwly and thats is pretty much the power rating of the amp, and remember the charger is putting out 2 amps tp the battery but the amp is actually pulling more than that, the amp takes up tp 16v and up to 3-4 amps. no problem please feel free to ask

    Have u have any problems with ur amp??

    1 reply

    nope no problems so far... the first amp i did burn it because of reverse polarity

    Have u have any problems with ur amp??

    Have u have any problems with ur amp??

    Have u have any problems with ur amp??

    Hey thanks i guess i have a bad voltmeter i just order another one..but how u control the on and off if is connected sirectly to the battery?

    here you go http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GX71GNO/ref=sr_ph?ie=UTF8&qid=1415829669&sr=1&keywords=bluetooth+adapter

    Can you share the BT type and where you got this?


    Hey how did u wire ur voltmeter my doesnt turn one...i also try to connected directy to the battery but it didnt work either. Do u think is broke or do i need to wire it properly