In this instructable I am building a camera crane base for the camera crane I will soon be constructing.The cahllenge was to be able to make the entire unit fit in the trunk of my car and easily be carried to location.
I've located a folding walker....  $4.00.... probably the cheapest part of the build.
I also got a couple of 4 foot sections of 1 inch by 1 inch aluminum angle. 
The construct will be riveted together so you will require:
A rivet gun
Drill and 1/8th inch drill bit.
Magic marker (for marking stuff)
And a swiveling caster that has an axle wide enough to accept the crane. Mine is 1 and 1/4 inch wide.
I bought a locking caster in hopes that I can use the locking mechanism to add friction to the cranes movement. 

Step 1: The Idea.......

The idea behind the construct was that a walker is light and foldable...
AND readily available at my local thrift store! 
I started this project when my wife said  "I wish I could get some higher shots without climbing the ladder" 
she shoots video.
I've seen some great ideas, but I wanted mine to be unique and easily transportable.

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