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Introduction: Portable Cinema Box

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Portable Cinema box for your Device. Its very usefull when i watch a film. Watch Film would be more focused and exciting. Make it, Dont Buy it. You can make this from Cardboard, thin plywood, plastic, or anything you want. The image will become much clearer and better. Feel like in the Cinema.

Ok! Lets make It!

Step 1: Tools and Materials


- Scissor

- Knife or tools for cut cassette case


- Cardboard or thin plywood or plastic

- Cassette case for phone holder

- Small rubber band

- Hot glue gun, superglue, or wood glue

- Duct tape

- Anything for paste it in your head.(I am use cardboard)

- Paint (optional)

Step 2: Make Phone Holder

1. Take your cassette case and take top of the cassette case

2. Cut the lined marker with knife

3. Make a hole in the top center of casette case.

4. Put the rubber on the hole that has been created and tie it


Make a beam using your template and Glue it with your glue.Dont forget to glue the handle for your head.

Step 4: Tape It With Duct Tape

Unites phone holder with box and glue it using duct tape


Thanks for look my work

and sorry for my bad english



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    4 Discussions

    nice!! I have an old HTC Evo 3D smartphone, with this I can have own 3D Cinema..

    1 reply

    Pretty cool! You could turn this into a virtual reality headset

    1 reply

    yeah! maybe just add two small magnifier to turn that into a virtual reality headset