Portable Coffee Filtering Straw for Outdoors or Coffee Addicts





Introduction: Portable Coffee Filtering Straw for Outdoors or Coffee Addicts

Have you ever been outdoors camping, hiking, or away from a coffee machine? don't you wish you could have a nice cup of joe to give you a nice pick me up?

Well i have.. is miserable.. and those caffeine headaches are horrible..

As many of you might know in the old days people used to boil water with coffee grinds and that's how they used to make coffee.. it was the only way to get it done..

the filtering part was always the hard and messy part.. i seen cases where people used paper towels, pieces of cloth, once i even saw a picture of someone using a bra to filter his coffee..

anyways thanks to technology we have these useful things called reusable coffee filters for keurig machines. and french presses..

french presses are great but still bulky.. also they don't provide the most filtered coffee.. sometimes you get coffee grinds that sneak in..

so i'm not gonna lie.. i got part of this idea from andrewaxley who used a similar system to filter water using a water filter..

So what can be perfectly portable and uses a suction system to provide fresh coffee when you don't have a coffee machine

a coffee filtering straw!!

So this is what you  need

a 1/2 OD x 3/8 ID vinyl hose.. i use clear because is easy to clean and care for
Boiling water

THAT's it..

Step 1: Assemble It, Boil Some Coffee, and Sip on Some Hot Joe

Assemble the keurig coffee filter... just don't put anything in it..

attach vinyl hose to coffee filter.. you can heat up in microwave for very short amount of time to make it soft

get your boiling water with coffee (wait till it cools)

get your straw out and have the freshes filtered coffee you will ever have outdoors without a coffee machine


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Step 2: Watch It in Action Video Youtube Video

As you can see on the following video.. you can sip on your coffee directly from the pot. you can put it in a cup but it doesn't matter.. as you can see you get a perfectly fine cup of coffee!!

Please note that you don't need that large of straw.. i just did it that way because it was easier to show that  there is not coffee grinds in the straw.. 

check out my video and don't mind my obviously crappy video taking skills and my constant hmm hmm ..



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Why not carry a fine mesh tea infuser instead? There are all different sizes so you can get one large enough for a big pot of coffee. You can also use the when you need to make an herb bundle for cooking so you don't have to worry with butchers string and cheesecloth. This seems a bit impractical to be honest.

Great use for the Kurieg filter. It is terrible in the machine. Mine shoots coffee and water all over the place.

i have the sme filter for my coffie maker [kurig or however you spell it]and it dosent fit

Wouldn't a piece of fabric with an elastic band work just as well?

I changed the design a bit and made a new instructable.. go check it out!!


I have never had a keurig machine. Is the filter part of the machine or is it sold seperately? (i want to make this but i'm not going to buy a whole coffee machine and tear it apart for one piece)


this is a refillable keurig filter cup.. it's sold separately.. so in theory you could use any other refillable cup.. but dont quote me on this.. i havent tested all of them.. post pictures and keep us updated.. also dont forget to vote for me :)

Is the tubing food safe? I got this question a lot with my " joe on the go bracelets" . If so where did you purchase it? Maybe I could add a link to mine. Anyways, I think this is ten times better because it's a filter and they don't have to use instant. It's Great!

check local restaurant suppliers or soda machine/beer tap repair stores for "food grade" tubing. Personally I think it's a moot point but then I cook roadkill so ....