Portable (Cordless) Drum Sander





Introduction: Portable (Cordless) Drum Sander

This is super easy and most of the parts are probably sitting in every basement or garage (except the rolling pin; so ask your spouse before you plunder the kitchen for project materials).

The rolling pin was used for the sanding drum. Double sided tape was used to hold down the sandpaper, and a cordless drill made it all work. Take the handles off the rolling pin and find an old dull drill bit that will fit in the hole in the side of the rolling pin.

For the far side of the sanding drum I just held the original rolling pin handle in the hole, but a better solution would be to countersink a bearing and make a comfortable handle.

The sander works well for how easy, fast, and cheap the build is. This is great for rough sanding and for taking down a lot of material fast. The video shows it in operation.

Thanks for taking a look.




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    That would be useful

    Perhaps another good base would be a small capped PVC pipe for reduced weight.

    Very kind comments. Many thanks. Several project ideas have come up in the last couple of days where this portable drum sander would be a great tool to use. If anybody builds one and changes up the design a little bit please share. That's how we all grow and get better.

    I have two small end table legs that will work perfectly for this.

    Brilliant sir.

    I made one with wood board, glue the sandpaper on it and stick into the drill. I hold the drill securely onto a table. But your idea is even better..Now to look for that rolling pin in the kitchen....

    Clever. I've done something similar on my drill press but never thought to put it on a hand held. It'd be perfect for re-sanding handrails on porches and the like after a few years! :)

    Genius! Might want to do think about the size/ weight - That drill is struggling and I don't want you burning your motors out :)

    Genius! I think you've got something there! I KNOW you've got something! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks! I think this could work very well with some modification.