I crochet a lot and I often run into to the problem of losing the hook I need.  I came up with this idea so I'd be able to keep track of all my crochet hooks easier and also so they would be more portable.  The problem with crochet hooks is that they are easily lost in yarn or bags when working from project to project.  Keeping my hooks in this case makes it easier to find them right when I need them.  I'm sure this case would work well for other small crafting tools other than crochet hooks.

Skill- crochet/ felting
Tools- Crochet hook 5.50 mm, scissors, felting needle, carded wool, yarn

Step 1: Beginning the Project

chain 33 stitches 
turn and dc in the 4th chain from hook and dc the rest of the row
turn chain 3 and dc once in every stitch for the rest of the row
continue this until it is at least a row taller than your hook. 

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