There are a lot of instructions for making bar jumps for dog agility courses, usually from PVC pipe. However, most of them are glued and screwed together, making for a bulky storage problem. I wanted to make one that I could take apart and store easily, as well as being inexpensive as possible, consistent with my other dog agility apparatus instructables. This one is made from PVC, but uses less materials and comes apart for tidy storage. I used 1" pipe, but 3/4" will work just about as well.


10' schedule 40 1" PVC pipe (one)

1" PVC Tees, two (though one would do)

1" PVC end caps, two

1" x 2" PVC bushings, two

2" x 3" PVC bushings, two

Plastic dinner plates, two



Electrical tape, various colors


Hack saw


Measuring tape

Bench grinder


Label maker or permanent marker

Step 1: Cut Pipe

I measured and marked the PVC pipe at 36" and 72". I secured in a vice and cut through with a hack saw, though another type of saw, or a PVC pipecutter would work if you have one. If the ends are not perfectly square, a quick touch-up with the bench grinder will take care of that. Also, I filed the burrs off (with a regular flat file for the outside, rat-tail for the inside) to make it nice, especially for the jump bar. The other ends will be covered and do not matter so much. These cuts should produce two 36" lengths for regulation-height uprights and one 48" piece for the cross bar.

I love the Schnauzers
Cute dogs, and nice creation.

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