Portable Electric Heater/Cooler With Peltier (Thermoelectric) Module





Introduction: Portable Electric Heater/Cooler With Peltier (Thermoelectric) Module

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Stay Warm With This DIY Pocket Sized Heater Made With Homemade Parts. Carry It Anywhere on the go and stay nice and warm . 55°C - 70°C Hot Air Output At 60 Watt Power Made With Peltier Element And Old Graphics Card Fan , Run From Ac Power Adapter Or 12v Batteries !

This Heater Uses Thermoelectric Peltier module ,to generate heat or cold and a fan from a graphics card to blow hot/cold air away.

So Let's Build It !

Step 1: Parts List

Parts List

# Peltier Module


# Heatsink Fan


I Got Mine From Old Graphics Card For Free !!!

# Thermal Compound


# Insulator (Anything Like Paper ,Cloth, Sponge)

Step 2: Let's Make It !

Watch Full Tutorial Here

Watch The Full Step By Step Tutorial Here.


Step 3: Mechanical Construction

1. Clean the metal surface of the heat sink and peltier module with cleaning solution

2. Apply Thermal Compound evenly on to the peltier module.

3. Place the peltier module on the heatsink.

4.Then Place the insulator pad to insulate cold side

5. To Fit all these layers use a metallic plate and attach with the help of some screws.

6. Don't Forget to attach protection gaurd for the fan.

Step 4: Electrical Connections

Use This Block Diagram For Electrical Connection of Circuit

And Lastly Attach a Dc connector of your choise

And You're Done!

Step 5: One Step Furthur ! - Heater/Cooler

1. To Make it Heater / Cooler Connect An DPDT Switch in This Configuration before the peltier module This circuit will just flip the polarity as you change the switch.

2. Connect a bridge rectifier before fan so that no matter what fan will get a proper polarity.

3. With The Flick of a switch it will become cooler or heater, but remember if you're using it as cooler connection of fan on the other side of peltier is essential

Your Feedback Is Always Appreciated . See you Soon !



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    Your original video gave details on how to solder each and every connection. The vital details are now missing from the video for a newbee to make this project. Can you please give some more details as to how to wire the switch circuit to the module. Thanks

    how to create etech foil heater

    Hi, didn't quite get all the parts for your stunning project. Do we need batteries?

    my peltier is 90w can u help to make a power supply for it.and can i use aluminium sheet as heatsink

    my peltier is 90w can u help to make a power supply for it.and can i use aluminium sheet as heatsink

    Great idea nice work:)