After making my chair I realized something was drastically wrong.  I needed somewhere to put my drink and my reading material.  Obviously, I needed an end table.  But, not just any end table would work.  So, after careful planning (none) and searching the land (scrounging the garage) for materials I came up with my portable end table.

The main body is a cat litter container with some garden stakes riveted to the bottom.  The cup holder is just zip tied on so I can use it in the car again if I need to.  Grommets were set for the handles, or at least 7/8ths.  Note to self, make sure both sides of the grommet are in place before pounding the heck out of it.
<p>Why does this make me smile? </p><p>Why? :)</p>
This is totally awesome, Thanks for sharing. <br>Sunshiine
Very clever!
Nicely done !

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