I had a spare computer fan laying around along with some other parts, so I decided to make this portable fan.

Step 1: Materials


12v. computer fan

2 9 volt batteries (preferably one good and one dead)








soldering gun


safety glasses

hot glue gun

how long can last 9v battery on that fan?
It depends on the brand of battery and how often you use it. I used it for maybe 20 minutes once a month and it lasted over a year. Then I put the battery in something else
Looks great! i like the was that the empty 9 volt serves as a wire case. great idea!!
sorry, make that about 150 RPM
How many RPM does it have? I made one of these and it works fine with 2 AA batteries and it has about 50 RPM.
fun fact: those little batteries are actually know as AAAA batteries lol<br />
Thanks for the information.&nbsp; Is there such a thing as an &quot;A&quot; battery?&nbsp;&nbsp;Cordially, Nehmah<br />
no prob and not that i know of<br />
&nbsp;I would use a 9v and two AA or AAA's, to get exactly 12v, but it looks like it works fine with 9v. Great job! Really good use of the battery case!
thanks (: actually at first i wanted to do that so it would get all 12 volts, but i thought it looked better with just the 9 volt, and it still works really good.
Cool.<br /> <br /> 5*
thanks (:

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