Picture of Portable Film Can Cannon! Advanced Version!
Here is an Advanced Version of the Film Can Cannon originally shown by CameronSS. I (Kipkay) made this one portable and easy to use along with a video that shows it in action. Enjoy!

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Step 1: What You Need...

Picture of What You Need...
1. Fireplace lighter.
2. Small hobby box from your local electronics store.
3. 35MM film can.
4. Glue
5. Wire
6. Breath spray

Step 2: Disassemble the lighter...

Picture of Disassemble the lighter...
Comnpletely take apart the lighter and save the igniter you will find inside. It looks like this.

Step 3: Build the igniter

Picture of Build the igniter
Now you need to solder two pieces of wire to the two locations on the igniter. Use about 5 inches of wire for each connection.

Step 4: Assemble the box

Picture of Assemble the box
1. Drill two holes in the cover of the hobby box. One, just a tiny bit larger than the igniter.
2. Punch a small hole in the film can cover and glue it to the box over one hole.
3. Insert the igniter in the other hole with the two wires through the bottom of the cover.
4. Route the two wires through the hole in the film can cover and shape a gap about 1/8" wide.

Step 5: Final Steps

Re-assemble the box using the included screws. Take the cannon outside and spray the inside of the film can with a burst or two of spray. Quickly snap the can on the top and press the igniter! Bam! You may need to play with the gap of the wires to get it just right. Have Fun! Be Safe!
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yapoyo2 years ago
this got FLAGGED on youtube. can you believe it?!?
Dumchicken4 years ago
put the egniter on the side(long one) then it will look like a camra
tool box4 years ago
you are te best you have another page that is not
could you fuel this with a hydrogen and oxygen mix say from a hydrogen feul cell?
I made one with a pill bottle instead of the project box. It works perfectly.
IvoIlic4 years ago
I need some help. I was trying to do this project but the button that creates the sparks was slightly different from the one in the video. The wires that came attached would not spark. When I tried to attach my own wires the whole thing broke. Is there an alternative method to create the spark? PLEASE HELP.
Flipyap4 years ago
I recommend making a hole slightly smaller than the igniter and then taking a file to sand it down to the right size.
comodore7 years ago
Do I really need the utility lighter piezo igniter, or could I just use one from a common lighter?
if you can get your hands on an "electronic" lighter (one that doesn't have the flint wheel) that will work. another thing to do with this thing is to make it into a dart gun. you drill a hole in the film can just big enough to house a large slushy straw. use a smaller straw cut about 3" long and fill one end with hot glue. cut the other end about 10 times evenly around, and flare it out. you can add a needle or a sharpened paperclip to the front. i have also had good results with paper cones and paperclips
That sounds sooooo cool! Why don't you make an Instructables about that! Thats a great idea! Thanks!
i would make it into a pistol, but the film can blows off easily, so you have to hold it on. i am working on a PVC combustion chamber that has a locking mechanism. i will get back to you on this. on a completely different note, i have got half of the money i need to get spore!
I made something like this, i put the wires in the actual can, not in the cap, i used 1,5l plastic bottle cap, it fits tightly into the can, and it was really powerful
I made a sort of a gun that fires a cap, using my desodorans... I used a card board tube from badminton balls that has a cap on each side. One one side a glued it in place and drilled a whole and stick a lighter, the one that has a long tube....... And on the other side a put a cone for the cap to be more aerodynamic.... It fired great.... but the cap was a bit big and the tube a bit small... i guess if you used a thin and long PVC pipe or copper tube, made a projectile for it, non lethal! you could make a powerful toy-weapon :D Good luck on building it and i hope I hear from you soon... Keep me posted on your desine on my orange board to talk more privately. Thanks!
OK! here is the completed paint drawing of the combustion chamber and barrel. you will notice that the end cap with the barrel has two slots. the combustion has two corresponding pegs for locking the thing together. add a pistol grip and a piezoelectric sparker for a trigger.
cannon incomplete.bmp
That sound right...I think this will work...
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that doesn't work as well because the marker tube is so long and thin in comparison with a film can. maybe use some PVC pipe instead.
Yea you need an electronic ignition to create the spark
OK, Thanks! :)
could this be used to start the bbq?
(removed by author or community request)
no. that only works at high pressure, >16 psi.
and7barton5 years ago
For a louder bang - Replace the film canister with an open-ended steel pipe around 3 feet long x 4 inches diameter - Screw a car spark-plug into the side - Use gas from a propane canister, with a 12v solenoid valve. weld a steel disc over the back end of the pipe. Activate the valve for five seconds - then hit the spark button. Oh......and wear ear defenders.
For even more power and a louder bang, buy some black powder and compact it into a length of bamboo, then stick in a fuse and light it
twergy5 years ago
how safe is this
Look up potatoe gun, and then imagine one but really smalll
sharlston5 years ago
use haispray for more power
i tried it and it took like a hundred times to cklick it until it fired and the can got on fire
use less spray
wow that was very simple to make
can u use that for making power by pressing the putton
I did this with a COFFEE CAN!!!!!!!! it was awsome!!!!!!!!!!
1thadeaus16 years ago
HEY KIP! ...jw...where do u get the hobby boxes??? jw...
Radio Shack, Digikey, Newark, etc.
Coggz6 years ago
Hey there, great tutorial and video. I made one with a metal tin from one of those cheap laser pens off of ebay, it works a treat. I too have found axe/lynx bodyspray to be very good as fuel, but want to try out other propellants. One such that I have in mind is hydrogen. Using the same principles as the electrolysis experiments, could a second cannister filled with water, and a battery in your tin with a pipe taking hydrogen to your blast cannister work to create a self fuelliung rocket? I.e., flip a switch wait for some hydrogen to separate and transfer, turn the power off then ignite with your piezo? I will experiment with this idea... you may well see an Instructable some day. Heres some pics of mine ( I put my biro gun in the tin too;) :
Image(392).jpgTin open.jpg
i think that it would run the battery dead in a matter of minutes. try using a stainless steel plate set and plugging it into a wall wort. still a great idea.
hey i have a qwestion for all u out there that no a thing or 2 on this, and about spud guns. i have a soap bottle from a hotel and im doing the same thing as this but i launch the bottle. and im using a home made tazar, but my problem is that the butain from the lighter isnt igniting. can any 1 help me?
butane is very finnicky about ratios. try using something like heet fuel line antifreeze. use a small spray bottle to get the right amount. one spray is enough.
Nicrostar6 years ago
I did every thing u said, i dont have breath freshener but i tried perfume, hairspray nothing is working
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