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Introduction: Portable FireLight

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 2: FireLight (ready for Download in Google SketchUp)

Step 3: Details

Step 4: Temporary Hotelroom


Step 5: Instructables Restaurant




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    ( ( ( this text might not concern you ) ) )
    alright, i'm very fresh on this platform and i'm amazed by the amount of views and comments - some strange, but very charming! so i feel i have to respond now.
    and this is the way, we've been asked to make an instructable light out of a pizzabox for the 'instructables restaurant' after we've made a simple bed from pizzaboxes for a temporary hotelroom for a local art-project: http://www.kus-en-sloop.nl/ (i will squeeze in a new photostep after step 3). and all that we did of course after we've made friends the pizzashop downstairs.
    the idea for the light was to make it out of the box, of course, but also use the material for constructing it. the 'functional' openings could be graphical and that should be the 'light'.
    the 'portable firelight' is just one of the first boxes i made. and i used a lot more than just the box: splitpins for the legs; rubber for stretching the handle; the coloured sheet (filter for theatrelamps); the black tape and finally the (eco-unfriendly-but-very-suitable-for-neonlight-starter) lamp. which is just hanging inside the pizzahut (so no worries, there is enough ventilation) but if you move the firelight around the lamp is getting lower and lower, right? so what i wanna say, you don't need to copy this one, it could be done better.
    but if you wanna copy, alright, i'm very sure it is possible with your local pizzeria (with the best boxes of course, and if you pay 50ct for it it's a good profit for mario) and with all the large (sub)photos i published.
    without too much text people can do it all over the world, the idea was open-source. i'm from holland, but i would love to see (sounds like a commentquote already) a pizza origami from japan!
    there are flat drawings under step 2 (with the flames for example), i uploaded the firelight in google sketchup (100% open-source) so you can download it at the 3D warehouse and take a look around. i also made a very simple pizzalight with a colourful valentine heart out of 20 Xmaslights. for example to copy. hmm, no comments by the way
    if you can keep the pizzabox standing you've made your light, put it online like i did and i can only hope it's just (looks) better!
    for a side project i think this should do.
    don't know how to say thanks (or sorry) & goodbye to more than 9000 people (ha ha, that's amazing), but than again, they won't read this, so...

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    rien ne va plus

    maar voor jou maak ik een uitzondering,
    dank je - we houden contact.

    What kind of lamp did you use?

    Maybe one of those little battery operated tea lights would work and be perfectly safe. What did you use to make the red covering in the flame, wout-r?

    I passed this along to all the folks I know working at our local Pizza Hut!

    Very nice and attractive

    Ha leuk, ik zag jullie pizzadoos lamp vanochtend in de nieuwsbrief van instructables staan!!



    Very cool. I also have owned a restaurant in Silicon Valley and can apreciate your efforts, best of luck to you!


    cheers man

    It would be nice to have a downloadable pattern of the flames.

    This is a great instuctable, but some written instructions wouldn't go a miss

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    agreed. very cool, but what did you do for the red stuff. how did you make the sides? where did you get a clean pizza box? (ours are always super greasy) etc.

    Mooi initiatief!
    Ik kom zeker eens langs, als ik in de buurt ben,,,


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    This restaurant is in Rotterdam in The Netherlands. At the moment it's a pop-up. In the early summer of this year (2011) we'll open up in the notorious Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam. This area is incredible because there are people of 127 different nationalities living there. This means we have access to recipes and knowledge from every possible part of the world! We'll be feeding this back into Instructables over the coming months. Say tuned and drop by if you can.

    So you actually can talk!? I'd love to see that in your instructable =P If I could understand it a little bit better than maybe I would make it =) Cool idea though...

    If that light-bulb is warm, you'll get a pretty good fire-hazard.

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