Picture of Portable Fort-in-a-Can
Hello everyone! have you ever been in a situation where you're really wanting to make a fort but have no materials? like in a movie theater, at the mall or even in your car? Well now you can, with the ALL NEW portable Fort in a Can! 

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Picture of Parts and Tools

RC Motor assembly (motor, ESC, battery and servo tester)
Motor Mounting Hardware
Large Coffee Can
Large Bed sheet
6" Fan Blade

Optional: mp3 speaker


krazy glue
dremel tool

NOTE: using a regular fan motor and such a small fan blade will not make this work. i used an rc outrunner (running at approx. 12000 rpm) in order to achieve the amount of airflow possible to inflate the sheet.

eyewalk2 years ago
Great! (admittedly, I clicked on this as I thought it said 'fart in a can')
I as well thought it was "fart" and not "fort"
Jetpack52 years ago
Very cool. I remember making something like that for myself as a kid by setting up a sleeping bag in front of a fan. If I can get the stuff together maybe I'll do it up as an instructable too.
askjerry2 years ago
I would suggest looking into a small blower fan. They are not expensive and put out a much higher volume of air at a lower noise level. Love the idea of the portable fort... you could sew up something and likely market it with great success.
Eletruk2 years ago
You sir, suffer from Vertical Video Syndrome.
Please watch this PSA to help combat this blight.
Love that... always wanted to tell people about that!!!
jenbot782 years ago
Haha JensKidsAdventures,
I am in the same boat. I flipped through every step becoming more and more convinced that "fort" must mean "fan/motor/electrify your coffee can /etc" in Willy's native language. and then right at the last minute it became a fort. I like the wind tunnel effect too, my least favorite part about an indoor fort is how hot and stuffy it can be. Finally, somebody added some A/C!
^^ (I tried to post this as a reply to JensKidsAdventures, but for some reason I only get the captcha to come up for new posts or replying to myself.....lame)
matt1232322 years ago
Mr Crackers2 years ago
wobbler2 years ago
Not at all what I was expecting, until I realised I'd misread it and it actually said 'fort' in a can. I thought it was just going to be a can of beans.
sheldor2 years ago
Sorry, I don't get the idea: Why would ppl. want to inflate their duvet cover?
WillyWatts (author) 2 years ago
Trust me you can't use a smaller fan ahaha
ultrakill2 years ago
if you used a less porous material, and sealed it round the tin, you could probably use a smaller fan... have you got any waterproofing stuff for tents? it might do the trick...
poofrabbit2 years ago
Love this! Very neat idea, wish I had one as a kid.
Boygasmo2 years ago
In Elementary school, we had an astrologist come by with this big black sheet and blew it up using that. And we would all pile in and sit on the ground, while he demonstrated the star constellations and so on. It was loads of fun. This could be used in similar fashion!
I'm pretty sure you meant Astronomer. Astrologists tell the future by looking at the stars, astronomers blow up big inflatable bubbles and tell kids about stars.
Lorax982 years ago
You'll be deaf before you know it.
zebede52 years ago
Haha, love the idea, but i would LOVE to see you get this into a movie theater:P
That is such a unique idea. I had no idea where you were going with it until the very end. Glad I read through to the finish.
WillyWatts (author)  JensKidsAdventures2 years ago
thank you very much :)
WillyWatts (author) 2 years ago
Well the thing is I had to inflate it from the outside or else I couldn't film properly. But the fan speed controller cord is long enough so that you can crawl in first then inflate it while you're inside!
Doesn't it deflate when you crawl into it? Interresting idea, though, thanks for sharing!
Kiteman2 years ago
OMG, it's a bouncy castle!
Kiteman Kiteman2 years ago
(Check your inbox.)